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3.4 Shapes

Next up we’ll take a look at adding shapes in OnlyOffice Presentations. We’ll see what kind of shapes you can use and how to control their styling, switch them out for other shapes, stack them, and group them.

3.4 Shapes

Hey, welcome back to Up and Running with OnlyOffice presentations. This is the last video in our adding content section, and we're gonna be looking at how to use shapes. So like with images, there are two places from where you can insert shapes onto a slide. On the Home page, you have this button here, and on in the Insert page, you have this button here. The way it works is you click the button, that will give you a bunch of different categories of shapes. From there, you select the shape that you want and then you draw it out at the size that you want. So there are a couple of things to be aware of when you're drawing out shapes, let's actually choose a star. And when I draw by default, I can draw this at any size that I choose. But if I wanna make sure that I don't get any squashing, I can hold down the Shift button and that will lock that aspect ratio for me. And also by default, this shape is being drawn out from the top left corner, but if I hold down Ctrl, it's being drawn out from the center instead. And I'll just do that from a different spot on the canvas, so you can see that a bit more clearly. So hold down Ctrl, and it draws from the center rather than drawing from the top left, and you can hold down both at once, Ctrl+Shift, then you'll have a locked aspect ratio being drawn out from the center. Once you have a shape drawn out, the Shapes panel will become available to you, and these are all settings that you've seen so far in other parts of the course. So you've got the same Fill and Stroke controls that you saw before when we were looking at text art and the same Rotation and Flipping controls that you saw when we were working with images. The additional thing that you do have here is the ability to change this shape. So if you decide that you actually want to use a different type of star instead, for example, then you can just go down here and choose the image that you want, and it will swap it out for you. Now, something that's really cool about this shape system is that every shape is also a text box. So if you want to type inside a shape that you've drawn out, just double-click inside that shape, and you'll be able to add in some text. It doesn't matter what type of shape you choose, except for lines, anything that has an internal area, though. So this is a good one to show why this is useful with. So I've got this cloud, perfect to act as a speech bubble. Double-click inside and I can add text. So you're not restricted to just using the text box, you can also use shapes as well when you're adding text into your slides. So another thing that's good to be aware of is sometimes you want to draw out a collection of shapes. So let's try out a few different shapes here, And you might want to change which of the images is stacked on top of the other. So right now, this image is, or this shape, rather, is all the way at the back, but if I want I can right-click, choose Arrange, and then I can say Bring to the Foreground. And now it is gonna be on top of these other shapes. Alternatively, if you don't want to bring something all the way to the foreground or all the way to the background, but you just want to move it up one layer. Then you can right-click, choose Arrange, and then just say Bring Forward. So now this rectangle is on top of these arrows, but still behind the circle. And then finally, there's just one more thing I wanna show you, and that is, if you want, you can make a kind of a multi shape of a collection of shapes like this for whatever reason. Say you've made something cool, and you wanna have it behave as a single item that you can move all together. Then draw a box around the shapes, press Ctrl+G, and that will group them into a single object. So now you can click any one of them, and that selects all three and you can move them around as one. If you then later need to ungroup them, right-click, go to Arrange, and then choose Ungroup. Okay, so that is everything that you need to know about working with shapes, and that wraps up our adding content section of the course. In the next section, we're gonna cover some of the extra things that you can do with OnlyOffice presentations. We're gonna look at working with themes and color schemes, inserting tables and charts using the collaboration features. And then lastly, we're gonna see a couple of things that you should think about when you're importing your presentation template, such as one that you've downloaded from Envato Elements or wherever else. So we'll cover all that in the next section of the course. I'll see you there.

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