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4.4 Collaboration

OnlyOffice Presentation has built-in collaboration tools to allow you to work with your team-mates and colleagues on presentations. In this video we’ll take a look at file sharing options, co-editing, inline chat, and commenting.

4.4 Collaboration

Hey, welcome back to Up and Running with OnlyOffice Presentations. In this lesson, we're gonna check out some of the collaborations features that are available in the web-based version of OnlyOffice Presentations. In the offline version, you get the ability to add comments but you get more collaboration tools in the online version. To find these tools, head to the collaboration tab. And then you're gonna find each of the collaboration tools along the top here and a couple down the side. So first up, you have sharing. If you want to invite other members of your team or friends to work on a presentation with you, then you can hit this sharing button. And then you grant access to the presentation to any one else who has access to your overall hosted service. So, you can find other users through adding this button here, or if you have groups set up on your service then you can add entire groups all at once. When you're doing that you can also set the permissions that you want these people to have with your presentation. Complete access, change anything they want, just to comment, or only to read and view the content of your presentation, or if you need to, you can completely block somebody. In this section, you can also set up external link access to give to people who might not have access to your hosted OnlyOffice instance, or to get embed code. So if I flick this little toggle here, then I have a URL that I can send to other people so that they can check out my presentation online. Or if I want to embed the presentation, then I can hit this little button here, copy and paste this code and now I have an iframe that I can drop into a website to show off my presentation. Next up, we have co-editing mode, which allows you to work on a presentation simultaneously with another person. So you've used the sharing to give someone else access, you're both logged in at the same time, and you can both be working on the presentation together. And there are two modes that you might want to choose between. You have fast, which is most suitable for when you're trying to talk with somebody through what you need to change in the document. And then as you go along, any changes that you make are gonna be automatically saved without you needing to expressly decide to save your changes. Or, you can use strict where the changes that you're making to the presentation are only going to be committed if you deliberately hit the Save button or hit Ctrl+S. Next up, we also have the ability to add comments into the presentation. The way this works is you want to select something in a slide that you want to make a comment on. So, let's say I'm gonna select the top part of this light globe. Then I can press Comment, and now I can add a comment for someone that I'm working on this with, so, I like this color. I can add that comment. So now that gets added here. The person can see this little comment bubble, they can click on it to see the comment that I've left, and they can add a reply. And then you can also edit, delete, or mark this comment as resolved. You also have the ability to look at all the comments that are on a particular presentation by hitting this button in the sidebar. So this will show you every single comment throughout the whole presentation. And if you click on it, then it will open up the comment in the canvas area. And then finally, you also have real time text chat. So you can open up text chat here, or by directly clicking this button in the sidebar. So maybe you don't have voice chat going with the person that you're collaborating with, or you don't have another text chat already set up. Then in this case you can send messages right here. So then the people that you're working with are gonna see your chat messages come up here, and that can help you to work through the collaboration process. These tools are really great for documents that need to be sent in between various team members to work on. Or in particular, if you don't work in the same place, physically, as your teammates, then you don't have any major barriers to still being able to work together on your projects. Okay, so now we have just one more video left in the course, and in this video, we're gonna look at how you can work with a presentation that you've downloaded from Elements or from anywhere else. I've mentioned that you can open up PowerPoint templates inside here and work on that. So we're just gonna go over a couple of things to be aware of when you're doing them. So I'm gonna check that out in the next lesson. I'll see you there.

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