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4.3 Charts

In this lesson we’ll see how to use charts in OnlyOffice Presentations. We’ll see the different types of charts that are available, how to pass data to them, and how to control their coloring.

4.3 Charts

Hey, welcome back to Up And Running with OnlyOffice presentations. We just looked at how you can use tables in presentations, and now, we're going to look at how you can use charts. Using charts is quite similar to using tables. You head to the Insert tab, and from here, just like you can insert a table, you can insert a chart, so you click this button, and then you decide what type of chart format you'd like to use. So I'm gonna choose this chart here. And then it's gonna open up the chart editor for me. As I've said a couple times, the colors from both tables and charts are all driven by the color scheme that your presentation is using. So unfortunately, you don't have any control over what colors are used here. Other than selecting a color scheme, but you can control the data that gets displayed in these charts. So all of these charts are driven by spreadsheets of data, it's gonna move this out of the way. And if you change any of the values in this spreadsheet, they'll now automatically update the chart. So for example, let's change this to, let's just say Test to show it, we hit Enter and now we have the test label down here. I can change these labels along the top here. So let's just say first, second, third. So now these labels are adjusted here. And then I can also change the values that are creating these bars. So let's just take a value of ten away from this value and add it to this value. And now you can see that the way that this chart is being drawn has been modified by the numbers that have added into this spreadsheet. Unfortunately, in depth coverage of spreadsheet editing is a little beyond the scope of this course. But that gives you the essential information that you need to know how charts are driven in the software. When I'm done editing this chart, I can just hit Save and exit, and now the chart is gonna be inserted into the slide for me. And that's how you add your own charts into a slide. But if you're working with a template like this Clorama that we're using here, you can also use the same system to modify one of the charts that's in an existing slide. So all I need to do is double click this chart. And that opens up the chart editor for me. Then I can change up the values however I need to. And that is going to update the chart as well. We can see the same thing on this slide here. These are actually all individual charts. So if I double click around the edge here, then I can change up these values to determine how this pie chart should be split up and I can do that individually for each one of these charts. Additionally, what I can also do if I have a chart in my document and I decide that this format is no longer working for the information that I wanna present, then I can change the chart type here. So we've got similar charts grouped up here. Sometimes a certain type of information isn't gonna carry across well to a completely different format of chat. So if you just wanna try different similar looks, then you have that option here. Or if you do want to completely change the style of chart, then you can switch from a column chart into a pie chart, or any other kind of chart that you wanna work with. And once again, if you do want to change the colors then head to the color scheme and choose a different color. And that will apply itself not only into your charts but also to your entire presentation. And that is all of the essential information about working with charts. We've only got two more topics to cover in the course now and the first of those is how to use the collaboration tools. The OnlyOffice Presentations includes one of the strongest advantages of web-based software is that it can provide the kind of collaboration that just isn't possible with fully native desktop software. So in the next video, we're gonna jump into the web-based version of OnlyOffice Presentations and check out what you can do with the collaboration tools there. So for that, I will see you in the next lesson.

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