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Replacement Course Available

This course is missing some source files and uses an older version of Adobe Photoshop. We have published a replacement course that uses Adobe Photoshop CC: Selections and Masking in Adobe Photoshop.

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Selections & Masking in Photoshop



The concept of editing selected pixels is considered a core capability of Adobe Photoshop. It’s found in almost every workflow for almost any kind of project. It’s also a critical skill for all digital artists to be able to successfully realize their own visions. This is particularly true when it comes to compositing one element with another.

In this course we will discuss how selections and masking fit hand in hand in Photoshop. We will also work through a wide variety of selection tools and techniques, from the extremely basic and simple to the profoundly challenging. Then we will cap it all off with a project where we apply the techniques on a real world problem: selecting wispy, flyaway hair!