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4.1 Visualise the Controls

In this lesson you will learn how to visualise the controls for the character using coloured icons.

1 lesson, 00:35

Welcome to the Course

2.Preparing the Rubber Hose Character
2 lessons, 09:16

Cinema 4D Setup

Character Introduction

3.Rigging the Rubber Hose Character
6 lessons, 43:46

Rigging the Arms

Arms Control

Rigging the Legs

Legs Control

Rigging the Body

Body Control

4.Finalising the Rig
2 lessons, 15:37

Visualise the Controls

Duplicate the Limbs

1 lesson, 00:51


4.1 Visualise the Controls

Hi everyone, and welcome back to the Rig, a rubber hose Character Course. In this lesson we'll be going through how to create a visual set up for like goals, and polls, and nolls that we've created. Just so that we have a better view of how our rig is working. And the way that we're going to do that, is by creating some icons for each of our goals to make it a little bit more visually efficient. So let's start with the elbow, which is our R_Arm.Spline.Pole. Make sure that's selected and then go to the Object tab. And then instead of a dot here, click on the drop down menu. We will select Pyramids. Now you can see that there's a little pyramid, a little triangle, that's been displayed here. Now we can increase the size of our pyramids by clicking on Radius here. And we can also change the orientation to XZ. This is so that we can tell which way the elbow is facing. Now let's go over to the basic tab here. And we can change the color of our pyramid by going to Use Color and change that to On. And we can change the display color here to a nice bright pink. Which is the same color. Hopefully, which is displayed as the same color as the line here, excellent. Now if we have our Spline Pole selected again, we can also tick the icon Color box, which helps make it stand out amongst our list of objects here. Just so we can have it easier to select, cool. Now let's do the same for R_Arm.Goal. So making sure that R_Arm.Goal is selected, we can go over to the Object tab, and display this as, we can choose any sort of Shape that you want, but let's choose a cube for this one. And we can increase the radius a little bit. You can see here that it's displayed as a square, and the orientation is set of camera. So every time we're looking around, it looks like a square, which is fine for now. And let's change the color of the square, so use color switched on and let's change this to a nice bright green color. Click OK. So you can see when we deselect the goal, you can see that it's a nice bright green color. And let's also change the icon color, as well. So now we can easily select our right arm goal amongst all of our objects here. Excellent, now let's do the same for our shoulder which is our right arm control, so making sure that's that selected. Let's go over to Object. Let's display this as a circle. And let's bring this up, so that we can actually see our shoulder. And we want to change the orientation to X and Y. So we can see our shoulder there. And again going to basic use color and display on. And let's change the display color to a nice, bright blue. Like so, and also change our icon color. So you can see we've got a blue color for our other shoulder, cool. Now you can see we've got a few other distracting shapes amongst our character here, so we can easily turn those off. So just go over to Body, and you can see that taper is this shape here, and we can sort of turn that off by clicking on this round circle here until it's red, cool. And we can also do the same for spline wrap, which is this white cube here. So I'll click on the round button until it's red. You can see now that the only icons that are left on our screen is the shoulder, which is represented by this blue circle, the elbow, which is the pyramid here and our hand. Cool, so now that we've got controls visualized for our arm, we can do the same for our leg. So let's go ahead and click on our right leg. And let's find the right leg goal, which is this, and let's go to Object > Display, and let's display this as a Cube as well. Just bring this up a little bit. And let's make this the same sort of color as our hand. So let's go to basic. Use Color turned to On. And let's make the display color a nice bright green. And also tick Icon Color. So again, very easy to spot in our objects, in our list of objects, and now we've got our right leg goal displayed as a square, excellent. And the next thing that we'll want to do is we want to do the same for our hip goal, so let's go to object again. Click on this drop down menu, and let's display this as a Circle. Make this Circle a little bit bigger. And let's set the Orientation to x and z. Let's make this a little bit bigger. And the same color as our shoulders, let's go over to the Basic tab. Use Color switch to On, and Display Color to a nice bright blue and icon color ticked as well. Let's make it a little bit brighter. Cool, so now we have all of our character controls represented by icons we can easily see, which makes controlling the rig of our character much more efficient. In the next lesson, we'll be going through how to duplicate the limbs of our character. See you all there.

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