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3.5 Rigging the Body

In this lesson you will learn how to rig the body and create the bones for the character using splines.

1 lesson, 00:35

Welcome to the Course

2.Preparing the Rubber Hose Character
2 lessons, 09:16

Cinema 4D Setup

Character Introduction

3.Rigging the Rubber Hose Character
6 lessons, 43:46

Rigging the Arms

Arms Control

Rigging the Legs

Legs Control

Rigging the Body

Body Control

4.Finalising the Rig
2 lessons, 15:37

Visualise the Controls

Duplicate the Limbs

1 lesson, 00:51


3.5 Rigging the Body

Hi everyone, and welcome back to the Rig a Rubber Hose Character course. In this lesson, we'll be going through how to create a spline for the main body of the character. So the way that we'll create the spline for the body, Is very much the same sort of process as what we did for the arm and the leg of our character. So to begin let's go ahead and click on the middle mouse button, or the scroll wheel to bring up all four of our standard views and let's go ahead and choose the right view. Again by clicking on the middle mouse button. And from here we want to zoom out. And make sure that the display is set to see through lines. And we can do this by going to Display, and then choosing Lines from the menu here. Once you've got your view set up we'll need to go to Create > Spline and Pen, just as what we've done before. And I'm just gonna zoom into our body here so that we can see where we're drawing our line and we're just going to use the tool to create the spline for the character's body. So, for this character we want to keep things quite nice and simple. So, we'll put our first point right at the top of our capsule here which is our body object that you can see in our list there. And then we'll put one point, our last point, right down at the bottom where our hips are going to be. And then from there just press the Escape button on your keyboard to complete the spline creation. So from there, what we're going to do, is we're going to rename this spline and double click on that, we'll rename this hip.spline. Excellent. Right, now that we've got this created, we want to make sure that it's been created in the correct place, just as what we've done before. So you can see here that it looks like it has been created in the correct place. So just checking up all the, All of the views here. So we can even go to our Perspective view and we want to go to Display and Lines. You can see here if we just sort of swivel around our character that our white line is very much in the center of our character's body. Going all the way down to the bottom of our hips. Which is exactly where we want it, excellent. And again, if it isn't there, you can use the move tool. And just sort of move it in the correct place that you want it to be. Cool, so from there we'll want to use our spline wrap to connect the body and all the connecting accessories such as the tie, the collar and the hips to the hip spine that we've created. So to do this we'll need to go over to the top menu here where this Bend object button is. Click on the little arrow at the bottom right of the button here. And we want to select Spline Wrap. Cool, this will spawn a spline wrap in the list of objects here. So let's go ahead and move this spline wrap to the top of our body group. So before we do that, let's expand our body here. So you can see if we go ahead and move this to. A little more shading again. This group contains all of our accessories, the tie, the collar, the pockets, the body and the hips. And we'll want to move this spline wrap so drag this spline wrap into the body. And you'll see here that our spline wrap is now included in our body group, excellent. Now let's make sure the axis is rotated in the correct way, so we want it to be in minus y, I believe. So let's go ahead and take a look. So we can see the arrow's pointing to the right here. So let's bring it to minus y so the arrow was pointing down. Cool, and now, you want to be able to, let's see if we can grab. If we click on the hip spline, make sure that our spline wrap is selected here. We want to click and drag our hip spline into the top section here. Now you can see if we grab the spline point, now you can see that our bodies been warped a little bit here, so let's see if we can fix that. Let’s try putting the spline wrap inside the actual body capsule itself see if that fixes it. So yeah, now you can see that the spline wrap is correctly applied to our body and we can check that bar going into our front view here. And you can see this nicely centered in our body group, excellent! Now, we could have also included a middle point in our spline wrap. So if you wanted to go to Lines, so we can see our spline. And if we select our hip spline here, we could have also included a middle point here for the body so that we could have some extra movement to the body if you wanted to. Which could work for certain characters that you wanted to be a little more expressive. However, let's just keep things simple for our character here, so we'll stick to just two points. Cool, so now that we have our spline connected and set up, in the next lesson, we'll go through how to set up the IK rig for our body, so that we can start to control it. See you all there.

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