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3.1 Rigging the Arms

In this lesson you will learn how to use splines to rig the arms and create the bones for the character.

1 lesson, 00:35

Welcome to the Course

2.Preparing the Rubber Hose Character
2 lessons, 09:16

Cinema 4D Setup

Character Introduction

3.Rigging the Rubber Hose Character
6 lessons, 43:46

Rigging the Arms

Arms Control

Rigging the Legs

Legs Control

Rigging the Body

Body Control

4.Finalising the Rig
2 lessons, 15:37

Visualise the Controls

Duplicate the Limbs

1 lesson, 00:51


3.1 Rigging the Arms

Hi, everyone and welcome back to the rig a rubber hose character course. In this lesson we'll be going through how to rig the arms of the character. So just looking at the arms of the character here, as I explained in the previous lesson, you can see how the arms have been set up by using a symmetry modifier. So this enabled me to quickly set up both arms, so that I could see the character as a whole. However, for the rigging, we're going to need to actually create both sides of the arms. So the first thing that we're going to need to do is remove the symmetry object by clicking and dragging the arm out of that. Clicking on the Symmetry modifier and hitting the Delete button on the keyboard. Now we're just left with one arm. To keep things organized, let's double-click on the arm object here and let's rename this R_Arm. So when we rename objects, we'll want to use the naming convention L_ for left, and R_ for right. This naming convention will become more important later on the course. So next we'll want to create the spline for the arm. So to do this we'll want to go to Create > Spline > Pen. Now let's go to our front view to create the bone more easily. And we want to make sure that the display is set to Display > Lines just so that we can see what we're drawing into here. So I just want to draw the bones of the arms. So click on the top of the arm, and the second point is going to be the elbow. So we want to click in the middle of the arm where the elbow is going to be. And the last point is going to be where the hand is, Like so. Now that we've drawn drawn the line, now that we've drawn the spline, what we can do from here is actually adjust the splines by clicking on the move tool here. And we can actually, making sure that spline is selected, click and adjust the splines like so. So you can always adjust where the spline is going to be later on. Excellent, now we can also adjust the type of spline here. So if we wanted to have a Bezier, we could have chosen Bezier and it would have shown the curve of the spline. But we just wanna keep things linear for now, just to make things easier to sort of treat the spline like bones for the character. And lastly, we'll want to keep things organized again, so double-click on Spline. And we want to rename this R_Arm.Spline. And we'll want to move this just on top of our arm object here. Now the next thing we want to do is we want to go over to our views and check that the spline is actually drawn in the correct place. So for now it's actually drawn inside the arm as you can see, but sometimes it can be placed up here. And we'll want to move that back to where our arm is. Excellent, now let's just check this side here as well making sure that the spline is in the correct place right inside the arm. And once the spline has been correctly placed, we can now go to Spline Wrap, which is here. Click on Spline Wrap, and we'll want to move Spline Wrap just over our right arm. Now you can see that the arrow is actually pointing in the wrong direction, so we'll want to go over to Axis -Y to make sure that the arrow is pointing down. And we'll want to group both of these objects here. So holding Ctrl on the keyboard, clicking both Spline Wrap and right arm making sure that both these are selectable ones to click. Now we want to press Alt+G on the keyboard to create a group. And we can rename this group R_Arm. And once we click on Spline Wrap here, You should see that the box has wrapped around our arm. Next thing we'll want to do is we want to connect the spline to our Spline Wrap. And we can simply click and hold the spline here and drag it into Spline. And now our arm and our spline wrap is connected to the bones of right arm spline here. Next thing we can do is we can adjust the look of our arm or the sort of placement of our arm by clicking the spline here. And making sure that we can hide our spline wrap and our arm for now. We can put the top of the arm inside the body, okay? Bring the elbow about here a little bit. And the hand up a bit here, like so. Just so that the arm is now more naturally placed into the body. And if we reveal our spline wrap and the arm again, you can see now our arm is now connected to the body. Now the next thing that we'll want to do is again clicking on making sure that the spline is selected. You can see that the elbow is very sharp here. Now if we're going to create a more rubber hose look, we'll want to go to Type and click on B-Spline. And you can see now our arm, if we hide the spline wrap by clicking on this round button here until it's red, you can see it's a much nicer curved shape for our arm, like so. Excellent, now that we have successfully created the spline for the arm, which acts as the bones, the next lesson, we'll want to create the control for the arm, so that we can move it properly. See you all there.

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