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4.2 Duplicate the Limbs

In this lesson you will learn how to duplicate the limbs of the character and attach them to the final rig.

1 lesson, 00:35

Welcome to the Course

2.Preparing the Rubber Hose Character
2 lessons, 09:16

Cinema 4D Setup

Character Introduction

3.Rigging the Rubber Hose Character
6 lessons, 43:46

Rigging the Arms

Arms Control

Rigging the Legs

Legs Control

Rigging the Body

Body Control

4.Finalising the Rig
2 lessons, 15:37

Visualise the Controls

Duplicate the Limbs

1 lesson, 00:51


4.2 Duplicate the Limbs

Hi everyone, and welcome back to the Rig a Rubber Hose Character course. In this lesson, we'll be going through how to complete our character rig by introducing the left arm and the leg to our character. So before we duplicate the character's leg and arm, let's go ahead and tidy up our objects here on the right of the screen first. So as you can see everything seems to be all over the place at the moment. So the first thing we want to do is group the leg objects together. So let's go ahead and do that. So, we'll have the spline pole at the top, the goal below that and then we'll need the actual leg spline here, load this. And then let's have the leg below that as well. So highlight or select all four of those objects, press Alt+G on the keyboard to group them all together, and then let's double-click that null, and let's rename that r_leg.group. Excellent. Now let's do the same with the arm. So we'll want the arm control at the top here, followed by the arm goal. So let's see where the arm goal, the arm splines here, followed by pull and the arms. So lets go ahead group all of these together. Hold Alt+G on the keyboard, double-click on the null and lets call this one R_A.group. Cool. All right, so from there, what we're gonna do is we are going to start duplicating both the right arm group and the right leg group. So let's go ahead and select both of those. Go to Character, so we'll see, create, Here it is, character and then let's go to mirror. So the mirror tools here and this is where sort of our naming convention that we mentioned previously comes into play. So let's head over to the Naming tab here. And we want to Replace the R_ with L_. So once we've got that set up, let's go ahead and press the mirror button under tool and you can see straight away that everything has been duplicated. We've now got left and right arms and the left and the right leg. And you can see here, we've also got the L_created as well for all of our left arm groups and all of our left leg groups. So we don't have to manually go ahead and rename everything L underscore which is, which is very useful. So now that we've got both the arm and, both of our arms and legs of the character. Let's go ahead and start sorting out the rig. So you can see that if I try and move the body. Let's go ahead, if I try and move the body here, it's detached from the rest of the body. So let's try and find the body spline, here it is, so the hip spline. So you can see here if I try and move that, the head and the arms and the legs are not reacting as well. So let's try and change this, we need to try and connect everything. So let’s see, we’ll need to reattach some legs so first we want to select both the The right leg spline, and the l leg spline together. And we want to move these back underneath the hip goal, okay. So now that we've done those, once we've done that, make sure to drag the Hip Goal to the top of the order. Just so that everything animates in the right way. Otherwise, things may play out of order. Now we need to make sure that the arms are connected as well. So let's go ahead and close these leg groups, open up the arm groups. And we want to drag the arm control, so select the L_Arm.control and the R_Arm.control,and drag these underneath the hip goal as well. Cool, so now, let's collapse those. All right, now we'll need to drag the hip spline, ensue the hip goal. And lastly, we'll need to attach the head to this as well. Excellent. So now once we've got all of that sorted out, if we try and move our character, it should connect everything too. So now you can see, everything is moving along, the legs are moving, the arms and the head are moving along with the the hip goal. So you can see here now the hip goal is connected to all the things of our character including the head, the arms and the leg. We could just use the rotate tool or the move tool to see how this all works. So just testing the rig of the character. You can see everything's working correctly. See our character bouncing away there. Cool, let's go ahead and check the rest of the character. So if we check right on control, you can see everything's moving here, moving correctly for our shoulder. And if we open that list, check out arm goal. So you can see he can wave correctly like that. And we can check our lift arm goal as well. So seeing that moves correctly. And open that, let's check the hand, let's check the goal. That's moving correctly as well, perfect! So let's collapse the arm controls and let's go ahead and check our legs. So let's check the right leg goal and see how that moves. Yep, and that seems to be moving correctly. Kicking away there. And let's check the left leg. So just checking the left leg goal. You can see that's also moving correctly. Just moving that from side to side, and moving that backwards and forwards. Excellent, so you can see our rig is working well. Cool, and once we've done that and you are left with what should be a fully rigged rubber hose character ready for animation. So that's it for this lesson, I hope you've found the course useful. And in the next lesson, we'll go through what we've learned over the course of the project and summarize on all the techniques we've used to rig our rubber host character. See you all there.

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