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3.6 Body Control

In this lesson you will learn how to create controls for the body of the character.

1 lesson, 00:35

Welcome to the Course

2.Preparing the Rubber Hose Character
2 lessons, 09:16

Cinema 4D Setup

Character Introduction

3.Rigging the Rubber Hose Character
6 lessons, 43:46

Rigging the Arms

Arms Control

Rigging the Legs

Legs Control

Rigging the Body

Body Control

4.Finalising the Rig
2 lessons, 15:37

Visualise the Controls

Duplicate the Limbs

1 lesson, 00:51


3.6 Body Control

Hi everyone and welcome back to the rig a rubber hose character course. In this lesson we'll be going through how to set up the IK rig for the body of our character. So the first thing we'll want to do is to test the spine wrap of our character by selecting the bottom point of our hip spline. Make sure that you've got the Points selected and Hip.Spline selected. And we're just going to move it around using the Move tool here. And you can see by testing it that the movement isn't quite how we want it to be. It's leaving all the body accessories here, like the tie, and the collar, and the pocket, and the hips alone, while sort of deforming the body in very awkward way. Now, this is because it's actually inside. If we look our list here, the Spline Wrap is actually inside the body capsule itself. And it's not actually affecting any of the objects outside of the body. So we need to move the Spline Wrap to the very top of our body group, so that it affects everything in the body group beneath it. Which includes all the body accessories like the tie, the collar, the pocket, and the hips. Now you'll notice now that we've done this, we've run to the same problem that we had in the last lesson. Where the Spline Wrap has moved everything within the body group out of line to where we want to be. It sort of rotated it across here like that. So another way that we can fix this is by going to making sure Spline Wrap is selected. Go to our Rotation tab here and we'll want to play around with these values here. Just sort of moving it up or down to see if it fixes things. So let's see if we click on the up arrow here, and you can see that it's rotated our body to the correct rotation that we want it to be. So let's go ahead now and click on the Hip.Spline, making sure that Points is selected and select the bottom point. And just test it out to see if it works. And you can see now that it affects all of our objects inside the body. And everything is working correctly, except for the part where you'll notice our collar is inside our head. Now if we go to our side view, you'll notice now that our body is sort of out of line with where we want it to be. Now, the way that we can fix it this time is, again, by going into Spline Wrap. And let's scroll down here, and we'll want to play around with the values under Bounding Box. So just sort of, again, the same way as what we did before, moving this up or down. And you can see now, if we look in our view port, you can see that we can sort of align our body, so that it's in the center of where we want it to be. So let's go back into our perspective view. Click on Hip.Spline, and now you can see everything is within view. And now everything works as we want it to, excellent. So now let's go ahead and create the IK rig for our hip, so that we can move our body around a little bit easier. Instead of fiddling around with the spline and trying to click on points and that sort of thing. So let's go ahead, and making sure that Hip.Spline is selected, let's go ahead and right-click, Character Tags, and select IK. Make sure that IK is selected here. And now we're going to click on Point IK to make sure that Point IK has been ticked. And, again, we'll want the start point of our spline to be where the neck and shoulders are. So that's going to be 0, and the endpoint will be 1, which is where are hips are gonna be. So let's change this value to 1. Now let's click on the Add Goal button, which is here. And we'll want to find where our goal is, which is this Null here. And let's rename this Hip Goal. So now once we’ve got Hip Goal selected, we can easily move our body around, which is what we want. However, you can see that the leg is very much detached and not affected by the movement at all. So let's go ahead and use this Hip Goal to control the legs. So to do this we need to drag and drop the leg spline inside our hip goal. Let's go ahead and make sure that this is all centralized first. So let's grab our leg spline into our Hip Goal. And now if we've got Hip Goal selected, you can see, as we move our hip from side to side here, our leg is also affected as well. So now that we've got our basic rig set up and working as we want it. In the next lesson we'll go through how to create some visual tags for our controls so that we can move our character a little bit easier. See you all there.

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