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1.2 Design Assets and Software

Hi there and welcome back. Before diving into the course, we will take a look at the software and the assets we will be using. The software of choice for this course is Adobe InDesign. This is a page design software that is perfect for laying out and mixing images and typography. You can download a trial version from the Adobe website. You're more than welcome to use a software of your choice but keep in mind that some of the options might not be available. Now let's take a look at the design assets of Envato Elements. Here they offer many assets containing images, videos, fonts, and many more. You're sure to find anything you need in their extensive library. I will search here for restaurant menu design. Let's select Adobe InDesign, so we get a template that works without software. We can find a template to download and this is the one that we will be using on the first lesson. Here I have it downloaded as a zip file, double-click to unzip it. We can delete this, and I have two other folders for my menu cards in the trifold brochure. Let's open the template folder and here we will find the Links. The actual file in two sizes. Let's open the menu card. Here I have the font I will be using, Carters. I've already installed this font. I have some paper textures here. All of this will be linked in the description below. For the trifold brochure, we'll be using three images and Scarlett Serif. And here I can show you how to install it. Select the two files, open font book, and drag the two files into the font book window. And that's it, perfect. So now we're ready to get started. I'll see you in the next lesson.

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