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1.1 Introduction

This lesson introduces you to the three projects we’ll be completing. The first project, the grassy text, is purely photo manipulation using stock shots we generate ourselves. The second project, the icy text, is a combination of photo manipulation and using the 3D tools in Photoshop to illustrate the text effect. Then the last project, the fire text, is 100% Photoshop illustration where we explore a new filter in Adobe Photoshop CC2014.

1.1 Introduction

Hey everybody, Kirk Nelson here with Tuts+. Welcome to this course on nature inspired text effects in Photoshop. Now the very idea of creating digital artwork from a line of text is a pretty popular idea. In fact, it's almost its own sub genre within the larger realm of digital art, and not without reason. It has all sorts of applications from print media, to web design, to advertising. It's also a lot of fun and it includes techniques that we can learn quite a bit from. Usually these effects are dominated by very slick, very sleek, clearly computer generated effects. What sets this course apart is that we're going to do effects that are inspired by naturally occurring elements. And not only are we going to look at ways to generate these effects, but we're going to analyze photos of the natural elements first, and learn everything we can from them from observation. And then apply those observations to the digital artwork. This course includes three main projects. Each of these projects are fairly similar in workflow, but yet distinctively different in their approaches to creating these effects. We will start with creating a grassy text effect. In this project we will begin by creating our own stock images from plots of grass, processing these photographs and using them to create a very convincing effect. Along the way we'll explore how to use textures from unexpected sources. The second project is creating text shaped out of ice. We will start with observations and self generated photos just like in the first project. But in this project we will use the 3D tools found in Photoshop to generate believable text blocks, then we apply the icy textures. The third and final project is the fire text. And what we do is start with some photo analysis. This effect is purely illustrated completely within Photoshop. No photographic textures are used at all. This is made possible largely due to a new filter in Photoshop CC 2014 for rendering flames. As an instructor, my goal for this course is the same for all my courses, to inspire you to learn and grow as a digital artist. I want you to get these techniques on creating these effects, but more importantly, I want you to learn the over all work flow of analyzing a real life example, learning what we can from observations, and then applying that into the digital tools that we have. Even if you don't like the way your projects ended up but you've learned a little bit if you've picked up a new skill. Maybe you have a technique you didn't have before, I think you should consider this course a success. I know I do. And with that, let's get started. The next video, we'll go over the tools and resources for what you will need to complete this course.

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