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5.1 Recolor With the Artwork Panel

In this lesson we will be learning what this Recolor Artwork panel is all about.

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2.Adobe Illustrator Program Overview
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Color Models

Color Panel

Color Harmonies

3.Shapes and Lines
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Global Colors

Spot Colors

4.Manipulate Shapes and Lines
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Swatch Groups

Replace and Merge

Custom Libraries

5.Colors and Effects
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Recolor With the Artwork Panel

Putting the Recolor Panel to Work

Process Color to Spot Color

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5.1 Recolor With the Artwork Panel

Hi, my name is Simona, and welcome to tuts+. You are watching the course mastering color in Adobe illustrator CC, and this is lesson Recolor with the Artwork panel. In this lesson, you will be learning what this Recolor Artwork panel is all about, so let's get started right away. Let's open up Adobe Illustrator CC, and the source file called Lesson 5.1 in your source file folder. Here we have our full circus scene with all elements, and a color theme. We have color palates neatly organized in groups. Our scene is looking pretty good, and the colors seem to work. We set our colors up in Global colors, and we know how to change color values, and how to get updated right away, and apply it to all our objects. But I would like to introduce a cool feature here in Adobe Illustrator, it's called the Recolor Artwork panel. The Recolor Artwork panel is a tool to change colors in your artwork in a really nifty way. Let me explain how it works. First, one thing I need to mention is, that the Recolor Artwork only works on selected artwork. It only applies to shapes to an objects that are selected. As you might know, we can edit colors in a color group via the Edit Color group icon here in the swatches panel. So, when we select the group, and then click on the icon here, we will get a pop-up with the color wheel, and we can change the whole group when dragging these color circles on the wheel as a whole. Or, if you untick the linked icon here, we can change them independently. You can as well change the color via the HSB sliders down here, and we can save the changed group to a New Color Group, or apply it to the Color roup we selected. Now, as you might have noticed, we have a button over here that says, Assign. It is grayed out, and we cannot select it. The reason why, is that we only selected a Color Group, not the artwork. Now, let's click Cancel, and let's have a look at the Recolor Artwork panel. In our artwork, we have several layers with different objects and shapes. Let's select the tents for a moment. Now, all the artwork tents is selected. Now, when we call up the Recolor Artwork panel, either by clicking on the icon up here, Recolor Artwork, or by going to Edit > Edit Colors > Recolor Artwork. Now, let's see, what that looks like. In the pop-up, we have the colors here, that our objects are colored in. You see over here, the Color Groups that are available in our artwork all together. Then we see our HSB sliders down here, and a bunch of other things that we will not get into detail right now, but we'll explain later on. When you click the Edit button here, we will see the color wheel, just like the one before when I quickly showed you how to edit colors in a group. Now, see here, we check the Recolor Artwork. And when I, now move the Color buttons on the wheel, all of the colors that are in the selected artwork will be changed. Now, look at this, isn't that awesome? We can uncheck the Recolor Artwork, and then we see what the original looks like. When working with the Recolor Artwork panel, one important thing I will have to mention. Once we clicked OK, this is it, we've changed the selected artwork. You can, of course, click the Cancel button, and uncheck the Recolor Artwork, so we will see what it looked like before we made the change on the wheel. But once we clicked OK, we would need to do an undo, because any change selected will be applied. Now, just in case we are playing around with the colors, and move then drag them on the wheel, and we would like to sort of, reset to the colors before. We can do this by clicking on the eye dropper up here. It says, Get colors from selected art, and when we click it, it will reset to the colors that the objects are colored in. Now, let's have a quick look at the Assigned section. Here we see a bunch of color rows and columns, Presets, and Color settings. We can make tons of adjustments here, and all those adjustments will be applied to selected artwork. So, if we select the first color row here, and then move the sliders down in the HSB section. We can see, how the colors are getting updated. In the long column here, we can see the original color, and in the small one, we see the new color that will be applied. We can add color roles as well, but I would like to stop here before we get too confused. I just wanted to show you, what the Recolor Artwork panel looks like, and how it works. So, let's move on to the next lesson, and learn right away in detail what we can do with the Recolor Artwork panel and how we can make the best use of it, and how to change our artwork from a day scene into a night scene.

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