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How to Use the Curvature Tool in Adobe Illustrator


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The Curvature Tool in Adobe Illustrator gives you a new way of drawing smooth curves and straight lines to get just the results you want quickly. In this Coffee Break Course, you will learn how easy and useful the Curvature Tool is. If you've always had trouble using the Pen Tool or editing bezier paths, then this may be the tool for you!

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1. How to Use the Curvature Tool in Adobe Illustrator

1.1 Introduction

[MUSIC] Hello, everybody. My name is Simona, and welcome to Envato Tuts+ and our coffee break course on the curvature tool in Adobe Illustrator CC. The curvature tool in Adobe Illustrator CC is fairly new and it's a really fun little tool. Unlike the pen tool, which can be quite daunting in the beginning when you're learning Adobe Illustrator, the curvature tool creates curves for you on the fly. The curvature tool in the toolbar of Adobe Illustrator is right next to the pen tool. And it's really simple to use. You can create quickly, shapes like circles, wavy lines, straight lines, zigzag lines, or even more intricate designs. And all that without the pen tool. The curvature tool helps you to create precise curves and lines without much fuss. So let's get to it and let's learn more about it.