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1.1 Introduction

Welcome to this Coffee Break Course, How to Use Photoshop's Mixer Brush Tool for Digital Painting. Let's take a quick look at the Mixer Brush Tool and why it's so useful for digital artists.

1.How to Use Photoshop's Mixer Brush Tool for Digital Painting
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How to Use the Mixer Brush Tool for Digital Painting

1.1 Introduction

[SOUND] Hi, my name is Monica Zacglubena. In this very short course of invited text pass, I'd like to show you the power of the mixer brush tool. For a long time I wasn't aware of his existence and even when I found it it wasn't clear to me what should I do with it. I decided to ignore it and that was a big mistake. The mixer brush can seriously accelerate your painting process which is especially useful for conceptual illustration. The standard brush tool we use for painting, lacks a certain feature of its traditional counterpart. When you touch the real canvas in your brush, the color you use for painting is mixed with the color it touched. Unless the canvas is completely dry. In Photoshop, our digital canvas is always dry, it doesn't include this effect. The Mixer Brush tool was created to simulate this effect as its properties turned it into much more powerful tool. You can use it as a very universal blending tool for both soft and texture blending. This makes it a more efficient version of this match tool, is great for creating the ambient occlusion effect. You can also make a photo texture brush out of it in black and white and color as well. You don't need to create a brush every time you want to use a texture. Just load it directly from the photo and you're good to go. The last and the most impressive function of this tool is painting in colorful elements. That's right. While a normal brush lets you paint with a single color and various level of transparency only, the mixer brush allows you to paint with fully colored and shaded [INAUDIBLE] of the picture. If you're interested, stay with me for a few minutes and I will show you how to unleash the power of the simple tool.

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