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1.1 Introduction

Hello, and welcome to How to Create Character Concept Art. In this short course, you'll be learning the steps I take to create a hero/heroine character. Along the way, you'll get a good understanding of the thought process that goes into creating a strong, recognizable, and visually appealing character.

1.1 Introduction

Hello, my name is Tyrus Goshay and in this tube we'll be covering the making of a hero. I've been in the game design industry and illustration industry for over 15 years, and what I wanna do is share with you some of the techniques I've learned in that time. What I'll do is go over the techniques and steps that I normally use in order to concept and create a character for a client. We'll cover everything from how to begin our sketches, what techniques we can use, how to use those techniques to give us multiple options in our design, and then how we can do things like add color, use different colors to enhance change and increase our designs. I'll also cover how to take our drawings and designs, and use them as editable images to help enhance our work. I'll also incorporate Photoshop's 3D engine, and how we can use that to incorporate weapons into our concepts. So let's go ahead and get started, and I hope you learn and enjoy something from the lessons.

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