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5.1 Wrapping Up

That wraps up “Gravit Designer Quick Start”. In this video we’ll finish up by quickly summarizing everything we’ve covered throughout the course.

5.1 Wrapping Up

Hey, welcome to the final video in Gravit Designer Quick Start. So now we've been everything that you need to know to get productive with Gravit Designer. We've gone through how the interface is laid out and what each area of the interface is responsible for. You know how pages and layers work. You know all about path creation, shape creation and editing new paths and shapes, as well as using multiple shape operations, working with fills, borders, effects, setting up your text and boosting your efficiency with shared styles, symbols, anchors, and a couple of extra shortcuts and tricks. From here, I definitely recommend checking out the Gravit Designer YouTube channel. They have some great tutorials up there. You can also take a look at their blog on Medium. Again, you'll find some more tutorials there, and you'll also see news releases about latest releases and new features that are being added into the software. And the software is being updated at a very quick rate compared to how often you would typically see graphic design software updated. And there are really significant new features coming out all the time. So definitely keep an eye on this blog. And another place that you can keep an eye on what's going on is the Gravit discussion forum. You can monitor the change link here and if you do happen to come across any issues or bugs, then you can report them on this forum as well. And to find each of these, just head to designer.o, hit Discuss to go to the forums, Blog to go to the Medium blog, and Tutorials to go to the YouTube channel. So keep playing around with Gravit Designer, keep using it for your graphic design tasks. And keep an eye on what's coming out, because there are gonna be some excellent features coming up in the future as well. So that's wraps up Gravit Designer quick start. Thanks so much for taking this course. I'll see you in the next one.

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