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4.4 Shortcuts and Tricks

Now that we’ve been over all the major features of Gravit, let’s cap everything off by going through some shortcuts and tricks you can use to speed up and enhance your workflows.

4.4 Shortcuts and Tricks

Hey, welcome to the last lesson in Gravit Design in Quickstart. In this lesson, I'm just gonna show you a couple of little extra tips and shortcuts to help you along when you're working with Gravit Designer. So to get the ball rolling here, I'm just gonna grab an ellipse and make a shape like this. And just give it a different color. Now I wanna duplicate this shape. I can do it in the most common way by just hitting Ctrl+D and that's all good. But if I wanna speed the process along even further, what I can do is hold down Alt and then drag. And from here, as long as I've got the Alt key held down, I can drag out as many copies as I want. Another thing that's built into the duplication systems in graphic designer is the ability to duplicate an object, transform it and then have the next duplication make that same transform again. So I'll show you what I mean. I'm gonna hit Ctrl+d to duplicate this object. Now I'm just going to move it back where it was, and I'm gonna rotate it a little bit. Now, I'm just going to keep pressing Ctrl+D, and you can see that each time I do, it duplicates the rotation as well. So that can shortcut a lot of steps you would otherwise have to do manually. So for example, if you needed to make a flower, like in this case, or if you needed to create a staircase or a set of tiles. Anything where you're gonna have to do a lot of repetition to get multiple instances on the page. Now that is one way you can do it with just the duplication process. Another cool way that you can go about achieving the same thing is to go up here and activate the Transform tool. So if you just click this button, you'll see you have this whole new set of windows appears here. So what I'm gonna do is, I'm gonna set this to rotate by, let's say 15 degrees. And I'm gonna get, let's say, ten copies. And I'm gonna leave this rotating around the center point. Now if I hit Apply, it's just done that whole thing for me. I can do that in any way I want. So let's say I have a square and I want to have it repeat itself out in kind of a staircase type of a look. So let's give this a size of 150 by 150. Hit the Transform button and I want to move this across by 150. I wanna move it horizontally by 75. And we'll have ten copies again and I'll just reset that rotation to zero. So there you go now, we just created an instant staircase type of an effect here. So that transform tool can be really, really powerful and help you to get a lot of shapes onto the page really quickly. And so I'm just gonna delete all those for now. Next thing I wanna show you, earlier on we saw the Corner tool. But there's another way that you can round out corners as well. So I'm just gonna covert this to a path. I'm gonna grab the Subselect tool. Now with the Subselect tool active, I can just right-click and hold any node. And I can drag that node out to whatever roundness I want it to have in its corner. So that can be a great way of just visually controlling the roundness of your corners. Now there's just one last thing I wanna show you. I'm just gonna quickly change the color of this square here and I'm gonna apply effects over the top of this square. By having a rectangle with background fill on it, and we're gonna recolor to this color here. And sometimes when you start to stack up a bunch of effects like color adjustments and blurs and so on, it can start to slow down the program. So if you just need to temporarily hide all the effects that you have going on in your document so that you can get a bit of a performance boost, then all you need to do is hit Ctrl+E. And that's going to disable any effects that you have currently active. Then you can just hit Ctrl+E again to turn all of your effects back on. So that's just a couple of extra little tips and tricks to help you work quickly and efficiently in Gravit Designer. We just have one more video left in the course. We're just gonna have a quick recap and summary of everything that we covered in the course. So I'll see you in the final video.

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