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3.1 The Basics and Canvas Manipulation

In this lesson, I'll show you the different tools in Manga Studio, and I’ll show you how to move your canvas so that you can draw comfortably.

3.1 The Basics and Canvas Manipulation

Hi and welcome to Chapter 3. In this chapter I'll be going through each and every one of the tools and show you how they work. And in this lesson I'll be covering the tools you use to manipulate your canvas. So first up we have the zoom tool. Now this works in a very similar way to Photoshop so you click on the zoom icon In your toolbar here or you press z on your keyboard and with one click you can zoom in and if hold alt on your keyboard it's zooms out. The way in which this differs from Photoshop very slightly is that you have a few different options in your tool property window here. So you can see that click is set to plus but if for some reason I wanted to zoom out every time I selected the magnifying glass I could then set that to minus. So now the default behavior of the magnifying glass would be to zoom out. And every time I hold Alt on my keyboard. I can zoom in, so that's just changing around our default behaviors when we click. So another thing we can change is the drag behavior. So at the moment if I click and hold that down and drag to the right, you can see there's a smooth zooming in action there. And if I click-hold and drag to the left, we zoom out. So if we didn't want that behavior set to drag, we could then select this rectangular selection. So if I draw a quick shape on my canvas so that I can show you exactly what this does. I can then go to the magnifying glass. Draw by clicking, holding, and dragging this rectangle around here. And you can see that zoomed in perfectly on the mark I've made. And in the exact area that I wanted to zoom in on. We can also set the drag behavior to nothing. So if I click on this last icon here you can see if I click and drag, I'm dragging and nothing's happening. And if I let go it just acts as a click. Another way we can modify our canvas is by rotating. So if I click on the rotate tool here, or if I press R on the keyboard, I can then rotate the canvas. And it's a lot easier to draw certain angles if I rotate my paper. So this isn't changing my file in any way, it's purely changing the view at which I view my file. Another useful thing to know about the rotate tool is that you don't necessarily have to be in the rotate tool to rotate your canvas. So, for example, if I'm drawing a base sketch and I'm using. The pencil tool. So I can be drawing, like this. I can then hold down R on my keyboard, and you can see that changes to the rotate tool, rotate my canvas, like that. And then, when I release the R key on my keyboard, you can see I've switched straight back to my pencil. And I can just carry on drawing, and you can see that keeps happening every time you hold down r, you can rotate your canvas. So if you want to reset the view, so if you don't want this rotated at all, you can go to View, Rotate/invert and click on reset or rotate/invert. And I've set that to zero on my keyboard. And that just goes back to zero rotation. In the next lesson, I'll show you the tools you can use to manipulate layers, objects, and rulers.

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