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12.1 What Next?

In this concluding video, we will look at what the next steps should be as you continue to learn how to use Photoshop more effectively. We will talk about the relevant next steps if you are a photographer, a marketer, or a web and UI designer.

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12.1 What Next?

All right, you made it, it's the last video in the series, and we'll just talk about what to do from here. Okay, so first of all, I love to see what you've made. Okay, so if you go to the forums here and search for Adobe Photoshop for beginners, you'll find what other people have done and share what you've done and I'd like to see it. Okay, or you can share it on social media, if you prefer. Okay, for Twitter, we are TutsPlusDesign, or I'm DanLovesAdobe. Instagram, I'm BringYourOwnLaptop, so share it there. And then I guess working at what you do next is easy. The easy one is an advanced Photoshop tutorial, okay, so there's a few of those here on Envato Tuts+, so search for that. But then you might consider yourself, I guess a bit more specialty. Okay, so if you're a photographer, the next steps for you might be more going into something called Camera Raw, or Adobe's Lightroom. That might be your kind of next step for your learning kind of experience. If you are a web designer or UI kind of interface designer, you might look to use, there's some courses here for Photoshop specifically for web and UI design. Okay, there's a few features that are specifically for you, you might check that out. Or you might move into something like Experience Designer, Adobe XD, okay? That's a really cool tool for prototyping, websites, and, yeah, apps. You might be in the marketing field or communications, okay? You might find the next best course is something else, something like InDesign, which is desktop publishing. Or Illustrator, which is more to do with creating graphics and illustrations and icons and logos, that type of thing. Or another nice thing you might go check out if you're in that space is something called Adobe Spark. It's a really cool way for doing social media posts real super quick. Fix photos in Photoshop, and then add some graphics real quickly in Adobe Spark. So that is going to be us, we are done, we had a great time together, I hope you did, I did. And that's gonna be the end of the course. I'm going to finish with an awkward wave. Bye now, I hope to see you in another course.

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