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1.2 Course Project Files and Getting Started With InDesign

Hello there, you made it into the class. This video is all about us getting started, a few things we need to get setup. We'll download the exercise files, I'll show you where to share your files, and I'll show you how to get your machine set up, so that your copy of InDesign looks like mine. So first up, is downloading the source files, okay, so you could play along with me. Depending on where you're watching this course, okay, first try might be going back to the home page of this course, and you'll see source files in kind of over this slide of the video. Otherwise, check underneath this particular video, there'll be a useful links, okay, and see if the source files are in there. So download those and get ready. Next thing, we'll talk about is sharing your work. All right, next up, is sharing your work and asking questions. So best place is on the forum, okay? So go to Envato Tuts+, okay, and go to the website and check out the forum. It's one of the top links on the website. And look for this course, okay, it'll be labeled under InDesign for beginners, and you can drop your questions and your homework that I send at the end of this and there. If you prefer though, you wanna share on social media okay, on Twitter, we are Tuts+ design, or me personally, I am Dan loves Adobe, or on Instagram, I am bring your own laptop. So questions and cool examples of the work you've done, you can share them that way. Next thing we need to do is hang around, we're gonna jump in and get our computers setup, so that yours looks like mine, so that we can start off pretty perfect. All right, let's jump onto the computer. All right, we're here inside the computer, I'm not sure I dived there but hey, we're here. First thing we need to do is, we need to kind of like internationalize ourselves, and because if you're working with imperial or metric measurements, sometimes InDesign loads up with something called pickers. If you've never used that measurement before, we all need to get on the same page. We're gonna use inches in this course. So we've opened up InDesign, yours might look a little different from mine, but that's all right. On a Mac, you follow me first, okay? So InDesign, go to Preferences and go down to Units and Increments. So that's if you're a Mac user. If you're a PC user, it's a very similar thing but it's under Edit, and down here, you'll find something called Preferences, and Units and Increments. Okay, so follow me in here. Now I live in Europe, so I end up doing lots of things in millimeters, but we're gonna do this one in inches, just cuz that's where most of the Tuts+ crowd are from. Okay, so we're gonna click on inches. Yours might be set to picas, it's a kind of a more traditional print measurement. I don't even know how to use it. I always switch mine to inches and millimeters, so we're gonna use inches and inches. Strokes are typically used as points, we never change that. I'm not going to change anything else. One thing that we might do while we're in here is go the dictionary and just make sure you're using the language that's going to do your spell check, okay. So you can switch between English USA or English UK, or whatever dictionary you need to use. Now the thing is with changing this preference, make sure when your doing it that no documents are open. If you have documents open, it's gonna change it forever. For all new documents, if I have one document open and then go and mess with it, it'll only change it for that particular document. So if you feel like you're changing and it's never sticking, it's cuz you've got a document open. All right, next thing that we're gonna do is reset our Workspace just so that your vision of InDesign looks like mine throughout the tutorial. So the first thing we need to do is just open up any old document. We're gonna make a new document. So File, New Document and just leave all the defaults. Whatever it set to, I don't mind, click Create, we'll cover all of that better in a second. What I want to do is make your InDesign version look like mine. Okay, to do it, you got to Window and just be sure you're on Essentials, okay? So I'm using the version CC 2019. If you're using an earlier version, I'll talk about that just in a second, but you should be using the latest version if you can, okay? So Workspace, make sure you're on Essentials, click on it, okay? It should have a little tick next to it, and then you can go to Reset Essentials, okay. And then watch what happens to my little workspace, kind of resets to the predefined size and hopefully, now yours looks like mine and we can continue on. Now if you're one of the people who are quite new to InDesign and Adobe programs, you might be like the person who loves to accidentally drag these out to places and they end up in weird spots and you like no, panels everywhere, okay? To reset it all back, you'll get out of jail free card is Window, Workspace, and just make sure on Essentials. You click on this Reset Essentials again, and it's all back to normal. Now, if you're using an earlier version of InDesign, say, 2018 or CS6 even, okay. You'll be able to follow along with this course, the trouble is going to be is you don't have this properties panel. Your version of the same tools, we'll have the properties panel along the top and while most of it is the same, you'll see a lot of the width and height along the top instead of the side. There are a few differences, you're just gonna have to figure out, okay if you're looking for guides, you probably gonna find guides. Not in a handy little button here, you're gonna find it under Window and Guides. So you can play along, you just need a little bit more investigation involved. All right, so that's gonna be it. Let's close down this window. Don't save it and we'll move on to the next video where we start talking about new documents.

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