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3.1 Adding and Manipulating Text

Hey there, this video, we're gonna put in text, yay, we'll do some basic formatting, add some text boxes, it's all very exciting, let's get going. All right, to get started, if you're zoomed in like I am, let's zoom completely out, you can use the long way under View but we're gonna start using shortcuts. Remember, Command zero not O it's on a Mac, or Control zero nice, make sure the W key is switched to it's called normal mode. Okay where you can see all the lines in inches here, okay, let's draw a text box. Nice and easy Grab the type tool, okay? So this capital letter T here and when you're drawing a text box, it's always better to draw on the side here and then bring in your text. If you start trying to draw straight on top of images and rectangles like this, Indesign has this clever way of trying to connect them up and it becomes quite confusing. So over here on the right hand side, I'm gonna click hold down my mouse key and drag out a box, nice big box. It's not really don't worry too much about it, and I want you to type the word discover, okay, and type to adjust it, okay, we're gonna highlight the text, okay, so with the Type tool just kind of drag over it, and with that selected, you can see over here we got character and paragraph the basics at least. The top one here minion pro Click this little drop down menu, and you can go through all the fonts that are on your computer, you're not gonna have the same ones as me, so I'm going to for the moment stick to our minion Pro. Okay but have a look through, you'll notice that there's a nice little preview there, yours might look a little different from me, but pick a font. But don't worry we're gonna change it in a second, so [LAUGH] don't spend the next half an hour picking a font, because we're gonna change it. I'm gonna use Arial, let's go crazy, okay, so that's the font. Underneath it is whether it's bold, italic, that jazz, okay option here, Font Sizes, okay, if you increase it up, obviously it's gonna go up, we're not gonna cover everything in too much detail, cuz font adjusting is not that unique to InDesign. Okay, so Font Size, this next one here, leading, that's an interesting one. It's the space between lines, or line spacing, they just call it leading in InDesign, you won't use kerning but you'll use tracking as the space between letters, left line, centered, right line. We'll stick with the left line at the moment, and what I wanna do is, I wanna change the color of this font, and it's easy when it's selected, cuz you can kinda see, my fill has changed from that kinda full cube to this capital T, to describe that I'm changing the font color. I can pick say our VNZ red, okay and you're like that's green, if I go back to my black arrow, click it a couple of times you'll see that it's actually the right color, but when it's highlighted it inverts it so it's kind of a bit strange. So go back to your selection tool, the reason why I wanna show you this is that later on, as soon as you finish this video, you're gonna go and do your own stuff and you'll be like, great, I'm gonna go and change the color of this font to, yeah, not changing the font color. So I'm gonna go to edit, undo, what you need to do is one of two things, you need to have it selected to change. Can you see now, it's gone back to the full color, which is cool, now, it's gonna work, or if you don't wanna have it selected like highlighted like that, you can select it with your black arrow, just cool. And just like before, we click on this, it's not gonna quite work, and it's gonna do that came in under what you can do, before you click on a color where it says apply to, you can actually apply to the text, not the frame, they call that the text frame, and it's the box that it's in. We're gonna say actually apply to the text please, and I'm gonna go down here and pick select or Magenta or yellow, I'm gonna pick paper actually cuz I want it to be over the top over this background color here, see the highlight the text to change the color. Or we do a selection tool you can apply to and just change in here to text. One of the things I wanna show you is what happens when we hit the W key cuz you're I'd love to see this font, I'm gonna click over the background so it's not selected I'm gonna hit what was the key? Do you remember? To get rid of all the lines and stuff around the you remember, the W key, you're gonna click it, you're like diaspora, it's gone. Okay, it's cuz it's out in this space board area, this area here which is gonna be thrown away in the bin, so it hides it from from you. So if you wanna see it, it's gotta be on the page somewhere, okay? If you're half on the page, you can only half see it, just so, it'll stop a freak out later on, anyway. So you can work in this Preview mode, there's nothing wrong with it, okay? Just know that Yeah, you can't see stuff that you've left over here on the side. Now I'm gonna put this word here discover I'm gonna increase the font size up something nice and big, I don't even know yet cuz it's not gonna be the fun I'm gonna to pick, but what will happen though is if your rectangle is not big enough, look what happens when it gets to the edge. [SOUND] It's gone completely, okay, you might have started this tutorial like this and you're it's been like that forever Dan, it's because the text is just too big to fit. So you go to do one of two things you've got to make the box bigger, so, I grab my black arrow, the selection tool and just go, here you go. There's more room for you buddy, okay? Cuz if it gets smaller, it doesn't fit, okay? So you either do that or draw another text box [LAUGH] or say it's like this, what I do is I grab my type tool, click inside of there somewhere, go to Select All, it's kind of bit of a wishful thinking this one, right? So you click in there are go to Select All, where is Select All? There it is there, so it selected all the text even though we can't see it, and I'm gonna make the font size a whole lot smaller until it appears. Better still, when you're new, don't be on the W key, okay? So I'm gonna click off on the background so nothing is selected, hit W, just delete it, select it, delete it, start again, draw a bigger box, and make sure you've got a smaller font. I'm gonna undo all that, cuz I actually had mine okay. So I'm gonna go Edit > Undo, Cmd + Z a couple of times, you'll notice Cmd + Z doesn't work when you're in the type tool, say if I hit Cmd + Z now or Ctrl + Z on a PC it didn't work, sometimes you just have to kind of click out of everything, and then it will do it fine. All right, so go to this word, Discover, I'm gonna make a nice big text box for it to fit, instead of drawing in another textbox, I'm writing the word, New Zealand, make sure you just go into and select it with my black arrow, go to edit copy, and then edit paste. I've got a second version of this, this one here I'm gonna change to all caps, New Zealand, make sure there's enough room for it, there we go. Okay, we've put in some ugly text, you might have picked some beautiful character text, and we're gonna look at something in the next video called Adobe Fonts. And it's gonna expand your font horizons with lots of cool, amazing fonts they get to use commercially. Let's finish this video, wrap it up, and jump into the next one.

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