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1.1 Welcome to the Course

Hi there, my name is Dan Scott, and I am an Adobe certified instructor for Illustrator here at Envato Tuts+. And together, you and me are gonna learn the basics of Adobe Illustrator. Now this course is for beginners, there is no need to have any previous knowledge in Adobe Illustrator, or design or drawing or illustration. Okay, we're gonna start right at the beginning and work our way through, step by step. During this course we're gonna work through practical real-world projects together. Learning the tips and techniques necessary to make each of those projects happen. We'll start with the techniques that you'll need to create just about anything in Illustrator, including custom shapes, the wonderful shape builder and the simple to us curvature tool. We'll explore lines and brushes. You'll master how to use and manipulate type. We'll use our new type skills to make our print flyer. We'll work through how to create your own custom logos and icons. I'll show you the sneaky secrets Illustrator has to discover and use beautiful colors and gradients. You’ll learn how to push, pull, cut and manipulate artwork like this. We’ll take our drawings and make repeatable patterns like this. And I’ll easily show you how to redraw these images in this vector style. Last but not least, we’ll make sure that you can save and export your print and web documents like a professional. Also throughout the course I set lots of class exercises so that you can practice all the tips and tricks and techniques you are learning as you move through the course. So if you've never opened up Illustrator, or you have and you struggled a little bit with it. Follow me and I will show you how to make beautiful artwork in Adobe Illustrator.

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