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5.2 Bending and Warping Shapes and Text

Hi there, and in this video, we're gonna take the super-straight lines, and bend them all sorts of different ways, to get a fix like this, with just one click. We're gonna do it with the lines, we'll do it with type. We'll do it with all sorts of shapes. Same lines, one click a fix, beautiful-ish. Some of them are crimes against design, some of them super smooth, super nice. It's really easy to do, let's look at how to do it now in Illustrator. All right, to get started from your exercise files look for a file called Envelope Distort. Why don't you go and open that one? You don't have to, all that I've got in here is I've got a bunch of rectangles, okay? I've got one, two, three, four, five of them. I've put a tiny gradient in them for no reason. Goes from a lighter green to a slightly darker green. It's hardly noticeable, I've just stacked them on top of each other. Now, the one thing that we need to do, okay? Is that we need to group all of these together. So we're gonna select them all, so black arrow, throw a box around them all or Shift+Click them all, okay? And then go to Object and just make sure they're grouped. Now, we're gonna go to our fix panel and we're gonna come down to Warp. And there's a bunch to pick from, just pick the first one, okay? Hey, okay, and make sure Preview is turned on, okay? And then you can just slowly work your way through all of these different settings. I'll go through them real quick now so that you can see what they all do rather than you having to do it. So Arc does an arc, lower arc kinda bulges out the bottom, same with the top for Arc Upper. Arch, kinda like a rainbow. Bulge, okay. Shell, I'm not gonna read them out, you can see them. Shell Upper, I'm gonna read them out. Flag, I love, wave, not so loved. Fish, I never find a use for, but I really want to. Rise, look at that, some cool stuff? It just means it's such really hard to do some of this stuff with the Pen tool and the Curvature tool. It's often just easier to draw some shapes and then bend and twist them. So it's kinda like what we did in the last video where we use Liquify but it's a bit more consistent. So once you pick one, say I like the Flag, and you can do it vertically or horizontally, okay? And where it says bend you can drag this left and right, depending on how much bend you want, okay? Then you can play with these two different horizontal and vertical distortions. You can get some cool stuff? Look at that, okay? Look at that, bends around on itself. So pick one, stop messing around with these different settings. If you do pick one, and cuz now if I go through it, it's gonna remember these settings that I've picked, these kinda strange horizontal, vertical. So sometimes you might have to go back into it and say, actually, put that back to 0, put that back to 0. Just to kinda, I guess, how it came out of the box. Cool. All right, so I'm gonna pick one, I'm gonna pick my Flag. And I'm gonna make sure it's Horizontal, and I'm gonna play around with that. So there's all kind of like coming out of this point here and flaring out, cool. Let's click OK, cuz I wanna show you a couple things. One is, you've done it and you're like, actually, I want to change that now, so I click on it. It's kind of weird, right? Like the Liquify tool we did earlier, you can't undo that. Once you've done it and you've saved the document, it's done forever. Whereas this, you can kinda still see my rectangles across there, it's this kind of active effect. What's cool about that is you can go and change it. So in my Appearance panel over here, you can see Warp Flag is applied. Click on it, go actually, clients come back and say, I like it. Can we lower it down a bit? And you're like, sure, easy. Can I go and change it? Yep, Warp, pick Flag, back to my lovely Fish. I hit Cancel. One of the wee things that's gonna happen though, is say I like this, but I want it kinda flaring off of the top of the page here. So I wanna rotate it, look what happens. Click on rotate, I have to use the edge of the box here, okay? Not the edge of this projecting kind of effect, but the kind of original rectangles here. And watch this, if I do it around this way, can you see? It's an effect that's trying to make it go horizontal still, so that's a bit weird. So I'm gonna undo, undo, till it's back to normal. To get around that, what you need to do is basically the same as what we did earlier with the the type, remember we outlined it, okay? But with an object, it's called Expand Appearance. So, Object > Expand Appearance, and you'll notice that you can't see those little strappy lines in the middle now. It's kind of just a full effect, it's committed forever. I can't change it now, which is a drawback. So you might wanna copy and paste it before you do this, but I get to rotate it. I'm gonna rotate it around, you can squish the ends. Okay, now, it's just a regular old shape. I'm gonna rotate it back around, something like this. And I have type coming out the side for no good reason, just cuz I wanna show you how to do it with type and the pros and cons for that. So type tool, click on it, we're using, I always use my name. You use your name, I'm gonna pick a font. I know what I want, I want Museo Slab, I like this one. Nice big kind of university slab serif, make it nice and big. Now, you notice that I didn't use the font size, okay, I kinda cheated. So there's the font sizes, you can type it in there. Or what you can do is with your black arrow, like we did these shapes. Remember, if you hold down shift and grab the side, we can shrink it down, same with the type. I often do this cuz I don't want it to be a specific size, I guess, I want it to be relative to something, so I need to kind of visually see it, just kinda make it the right size. All right, giant Dan we are going to envelope distort you. The cool thing about this, is that it doesn't need to be grouped, nothing needs to happen, just do the exact same thing, Effect > Warp. I'm gonna pick one of these, I'm gonna pick Fish, we love Fish. Okay. [LAUGH] Probably needs to be the other way. Any other way by now. So, I fixed it. [LAUGH] Okay, so that's how you do type. The only other thing I wanna show you with a type is the type is still editable, which is quite cool. So we can double click it, and we can get right in there, and we can be, I don't know, Jan, it's my mum's name. Wal, that's my dad's name. And Ben is my brother's name. I know this doing this course and you're like, actually, we all have three letters. We all cut it down to three letters, anyway, okay? And black arrow kind of in the background there. We've got a pretty spectacular design there. You might use it a little bit more subtly, but you can see it's quick, it's easy, it's updatable. If you need to get rid of the editability and you want to use, say, the Liquify tool now, okay, we need to do the same thing as we did before with this. Okay, the flags, Object > Expand Appearance, and now it's no longer editable type, but it is that just kind of like fused shape that I can now rotate around. All right, my friends, that is warping in Illustrator. Often, it gets referred to as an Envelope Distort. It doesn't really matter what you call it, it's pretty cool, but that ends us for now. In the next video, we're going to look at patterns and repeating patterns. It's fun, and I will see you in the next video for that.

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