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4.1 Conclusion

Congratulations! You've completed two flyer designs, and are ready to go out and make more. I'll leave you with a few final thoughts and parting words, and a fun time-lapse look at everything we've accomplished in this course.

4.1 Conclusion

One last time guys, welcome back to Event Flyer Design. My name is Kirk Nelson, and this is lesson number 15, which is the conclusion. Basically, I'm just going to share a few final thoughts. My intent for this course was to take you through the entire creative process of developing ideas, generating some thumbnail sketches, working through an actual sketch of a project, doing some principal photography, or sourcing some stock images. And then working through the entire production process of creating a composition design. Now you've seen how I've worked from sketch all the way to final product, and I hope it's something that's been really helpful for you. I hope it's something that you'll think back on when it's time for you to do your own projects, and you've learned a few things from this. In the process of these two projects, we've gone through several different techniques. We've explored several different approaches to creating some interesting compositions and interesting design elements. Ultimately, I hope you've picked something up there. And really what I'm driving for in this course, and all my courses, is to inspire you to learn and grow as a digital artist. I hope you finish this course with some new ideas. You've grabbed some new skills. You've seen some new techniques. Or, at the very least, you have a bit more inspiration that you didn't have before. And really, that's the whole point. Again, I wanna underscore that even if you don't like the results that you came up with, and the projects didn't turn out like you were hoping they would, and it didn't really meet your expectations, don't view it as a failure. It's not a failure if you've learned something along the way. If you can say that this course has helped you learn and grow in some small way, then I consider it a success, and I thank you for it. And honestly, it has been my pleasure and my privilege to bring this course material to you. I hope it's benefitted you in some way. I've had a lot of fun exploring these techniques and developing them to bring them to you. I hope you can get something from them. I also encourage you to take a look at some of my other courses, here on Tuts+. One final time, this is Kirk Nelson, signing off.

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