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1.1 Introduction

Welcome to Digitally Painting Glamour Shots in Adobe Photoshop. In this course you will learn the steps any artist can take to create a glamour portrait in Adobe Photoshop. We will be learning how light works on the skin, how we can bring color and vibrancy into our painting, and how to work with brushes and textures. By the end of this course you will have learned some advanced techniques for digital painting.

1.1 Introduction

Hello, my name is Tyrus Goshay, and I am the owner of TGo Sketch Illustration. And I also work as a 2D and 3D freelance illustrator and game artist out of the city of Chicago. I'm also a college professor and instructor. And that's good news for you because I love teaching and sharing new learned techniques with anyone who is interested in learning. I've had the privilege of working with companies such as Disney, the Marketing Store, designing toys for the Happy Meal program, animating comic books for Marvel, and most recently, working as a senior artist for WMS Games, and many more. But it seems like I'm name dropping, so let's talk about this lesson. In this lesson, I'm gonna be talking about painting portraits and characters with great detail. We will essentially be creating glamour shots. I will not be covering clothing or other materials in this lesson because I wanna primarily focus on painting the human face. And how to get the most out of your tools when painting with Photoshop. One of the goals is to teach you the basic steps and to show you how I solve common issues with digital painting. We're going to talk about how to bring colour into our project and how to make it more visually appealing. How to use light to help form our project, how to use some of the tools in Photoshop to help ground our project. How can we use Photoshop to help mask the generic digital look we often find in our work? We're gonna cover almost every aspect of the face. We're also gonna talk about how to show light reflecting off of the skin. And do it quickly based on a few quick trips and tips that I've discovered over the years as an illustrator. These skills can be used in creating fantasy paintings and realistic paintings. We want to just add a few more arrows to our design quiver so that your work will begin to stand out and draw the attention and work that most of us are looking for. Ultimately, we wanna be able to explore a variety of techniques to help each and every one of us improve as a digital artist. I'm very excited to get started on our project. And I hope you are too. So lock in, and let's get ready to roll.

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