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3.1 Conclusion

Now we're gonna go ahead and wrap our lesson up but I want to leave you guys with a few pointers. Here a few pointers that I wanna leave you with. Test out your brushes and explore the different brush options. Mask your brush settings and the controls that are connected to them. There's a saying that I like to give when I teach, for in them you have life. If you can control your brushes, you can make great artwork, and you can do it more easily. You don't have to rely on outside tools. You can use that one system and then the outside tools become something extra, not something you need. Also, check out your work for macro to micro, from micro to macro. Make sure that you don't lock into one area and then have to catch up throughout the painting. Continuously look at your work from a larger perspective than a smaller. Don't be afraid to grayscale your work and to grayscale your reference to see if it works out. Look for highlights, look for depth, look for mid-tones and try to recreate that in your painting. Use it as a map and guide in order to help you to your final destination. Again, explore ways to bring textures naturally into your scene and don't be afraid to try new things or combine old techniques with new techniques. Make sure that you're working toward avoiding flat artwork. Look for opportunities to add soft color and to create depth with soft colors and create highlights. Stay away from solid colors. Look for ways to bring in reds, greens and blues when necessary. Think about your color zones. Make sure that you implement it into your work. No solid blacks, no solid whites and no muddy colors. Now, most importantly, have fun and enjoy the process. It isn't the destination that's important, it's the journey, as I have to remind myself constantly. Stay loose, don't get frustrated and most importantly, don't give up. Power through the project and learn from the results. That's all I have for you. Best of luck and have fun.

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