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3.7 Creating the Neck Screw

In this part of the lesson we're gonna go ahead and create the screw. We're also going to talk about how to use the stroke tool to add depth to our strokes. All right so, let's use the eclipse tool, the elliptical tool, is actually the right name. I'm gonna go ahead and just get a similar shape and I'm going to make, add a new layer. So let's make a new layer first and lets name this layer. You can name it whatever you'd like. I'm gonna name it screws. Then I'm going to go to Edit > Stroke. All right, in the stroke pallet, lets look and see. So, it's set at five from probably a previous use. I'm probably going to jump it to ten and we have the option of inside or center, so I'm going to use center, all right, there we go. And I'm gonna rotate it in position, scale it down a little bit. Just make those adjustments, scale it a little more. Ctrl+T to get to my scale tool and there we go. All right, so I'm gonna hold scale it more. I'm gonna hole the move tools, switch to move tool. And then we're going to zoom in so we can see a little better and we're gonna hold Ctrl and copy that. I'm gonna hollow out the edges and take my pen tool. And so hollow it out and have the room there. I'm gonna take my pen tool and just connect the edges there give it a little bit of a bevel and use my F6, that was a little too thick, so there we go. Do the same thing at the bottom, use my F6 again and I just erase those edges right there. Clean it up a little bit. Then I'm going to use the pen tool again and create the ridge of the screw. And sorry, try to use F5, my thin stroke. But that doesn't work so I'm gonna use my F6, give it nice clean strokes around there. Just erase the parts that break up the shape that I'm building. All right, that's pretty good, and it merges those two together. So its one layer. And I've got everything in a layer, just go around and Make sure that my line is nice and clean. Maybe thicken it up depending on what the look is that I'm going for so. I like it a little thicker. I know I have to go back and erase the jawline. We'll do that in a little bit, but right now I don't have to worry about it. I can just visually see right through. So it's not that much of an issue. Let's go ahead and make the rest of the screw that goes into the neck. Here we go and because this is a bit of a cartoon, I wanna keep those rounded shapes. I don't want anything to be too sharp. Let's keep it light and fun. And you can, you know, keep those cues throughout your illustration. Nothing's too sharp, maybe the hair, you can have sharp lines in the hair, the eyebrows, maybe a couple angles on the nose. But outside of that, you know, unless I want him to be a bad guy, but those are design queues. So it's Frankenstein and if you notice in his beard I have those two horns and we still consider it to be a bad guy even though we all know and love Frankenstein, he's just the best guy ever. I just did a stroke again, just another way to thicken up the line. Same stroke technique we did where we go to Edit > Stroke. All right, so let's go ahead and do the other side, here. And I wanna go into the beard again to make sure, there we go. F6 is a much better option. Just made my brush a little bigger here we go. It's looking pretty good. Let's go in and add a little depth to it. There we go, those two look good together. I've got no problem with that. Let's just go ahead and name this screw2. There we go, and now want to work the edge of the mouth so this is coming together well so let's go ahead and put a nice stroke here and connect it to the mouth. Make sure that I stay inside the lines, there we go. Now over all, this is good so I need to erase that line behind the screw. Just so visually I can see it. There we go. And that looks good. So when we come back we're gonna start to add highlights to our illustration. We also have to put the hatches, the cross hatches, in our illustration too. So, let's go ahead and get into that. I'm pretty excited about that, that's gonna help bring the illustration to life. So, lets move on to that.

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