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1.1 Welcome and Course Overview

Welcome to Creative Vector Hair. This course is ideal for all digital artists, although it’s specifically aimed at those with an advanced knowledge of Adobe Illustrator. In this introduction video, we go over the end results to each one of the projects you’re about to embark on.

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1.1 Welcome and Course Overview

Hey, all. Welcome to this Tuts+ course, creative vector hair. My name is Sharon Millen, and I'm the design and illustration editor here on Tuts+, and I'm a vector fanatic. Vector portraits have been a long time hobby of mine, and then an income stream for me for over ten years. Using stock references for your vector portraits is a common thing. However, you need to avoid using it a crutch. Being able to duplicate a stock image is a skill, but it may not be a creative one. Being able to add to a portrait what wasn't there before is a creative talent to add to your skill set, and this course will help. Rendering hair is one of those areas a lot of people avoid doing. And they have no idea that by following a tried and tested process of creating a sketch, creating bases, and then rendering, that you can make something out of nothing. In this course, I will show you how to create five different hair designs. They all use the same portrait base. I'll show you long hair, short hair, curly hair, shaven hair, fantasy hair, colorful hair. And then from those, I'm going to show you how to modify what you've created into further variations. Each project is designed to help you create nearly every hair style you could imagine, regardless of the gender you're rendering it on. In fact, in total, there are 19 different styles I'll be showing you. This course is aimed to Adobe Illustration help illustrate users who have a firm grasp of the software, and then intermediate knowledge of vector portraits. However, there are many skills and processes which translate well into other programs. Not just Vector and even into drawing. So enough talking, let's get onto the first lesson, and that's how to create important brushes for this course. As well as some basics of rendering hair. So thanks for listening.

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