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Vector hair
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6.3 Fantasy Hair: Variation

Hey all, welcome back to Creative Vector Hair on Tuts+. My name is Sharon Milne, and in this lesson I'm going to show you how to change our forest goddess into her polar opposite, a fire red haired demon. So it's a big more dramatic variation in this lesson, so let's get started. While all other projects have their variations in the same source file, due to the amount of detailing and strokes involved in this project, I've duplicated the file to create our demon in another source file. So if you're wanting to view this lesson, please check out the file hairproject5a.ai. Let's start with the most drastic step, and that's recoloring the hair. Now, I'm going a different route to what I've previously done in variation lessons. Instead of using a duplicate of the hair base, and then using blender modes and a new fill color, which works best when you're using one hue of hair, I'm going to use Recolor Artwork. This is because I've got green's and yellow's in the hair. So I first go through the layers and unlock all of the hair. And then select all. As I want to see the color changes live when I use re-color art work. I'm going to go to view, hide edges. What this does, is while you've selected there it's not going to show you your paths and points. It's not going to hide your view of the hair. Then go to the top of the UI and select Recolor Artwork, which is represented by an icon, with what looks like a color wheel. I click on Edit, so I can edit the colors individually on the color wheel. Click link harmony colors, so you can create the colors fixed in how spread out they are. I've then moved the points around for a more red hue, and I want to unlink harmony colors, so I can play around with colors individually. What I want is a bright red, with a soft yellow highlight on the shines. This is so I can create a soft, yet colorful fire selection of colors to the hair. It can take a bit of fiddling with the color settings, but it's worth it in the end to get the right effect you're wanting. Using Re-color artwork is great, if you're wanting to create a unique set of harmonizing colors for your design. I go back and lock the layers with the hair in, so it's preventing me from altering it. Now let's unlock the antlers and turn these into horns. Like I did with modifying the clipping mask to show the antlers growing out of the hair, I'm going to modify the clipping masks, so they're limited to the horn-shape. So I'm going to draw the horn-shape I want, and duplicate it for the other side. And make it a compound path. I then use this compound path to create a clip-in mask for the antlers. Therefore turning them into horns made from hair. I make the flyaway hairs visible, and then using the lasso tool, I draw around the non horn area, and delete these excess hairs. I go back into the clipping mask to make sure none of the layers or shapes are locked in place, as I've known I've got a habit of automatically doing this. And then I use the free transform to rotate the horns slightly ,so they more resemble devil horns. With the hairs of the horn selected, I use Recolor Artwork, to give them more burned silver look rather than a warm golden brown. I then add some additional hairs around the base of the horns, so it looks a bit more natural. Well as haired horns can really naturally be. I'm going to complete the look by now modifying the portrait make-up. First I use Recolor Artwork on the eyebrows, to give them more of a red hue. I'm going to add gradients around the eyes, to give a red eye shadow effect. And a final tweak of the horns. They don't look right. I'm going to enlarge them, so I select the horns and go to object transform scale. I increase the size of the horns by 125%, and then move them into place. Then I go into the clipping masks, and add gradients to the bottom of the horns, to create a shadow where the hair is overlapping the base. Our fiery redhead demon is now complete. So just by tweaking the horns and the color of the hair, you've created a different look from the original forest goddess style. Now I know these projects are speeded up, but as a comparison, if you compare over two hours to create the original forest goddess, and just twenty minutes for me to modify it to this demon, not bad. In our next chapter I'm going to go over what this course has taught you, and where to go next. Thanks for listening.

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