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Vector hair
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4.1 Curly-Haired Updo: Sketching and Base Shapes

Hey all, welcome back to Creative Vector Hair on Tuts+. My name is Sharon Milne and in this lesson I am going to start our third project. This is how to create a curly updo and in this initial lesson, I'm going to be going over the sketch and the basis. You'll notice that the end result for the basis doesn't match entirely with the overall end result. You'll see why in this lesson. The main purpose of it is to show you how to create an updo. Which is a hairstyle which is tied up and away from the face. This process can be applied to many styles. Curly or straight hair and is a great lesson for creating realistic looking hairlines. You know the drill by now. We're going to create our skull shape and hairline guide with block brush tool. However, there's something to further consider with the hair tied up. When hair is tied up away from the face, it is pulled flat across the top of the head therefore, there's not as much volume on top of the hair. So, it's imperative that you accurately sketch out the mass of hair on top of the head. I roughly sketch around the outside and the hairline. Then I use the direct selection tool to select parts of the sketch and bring it in a bit closer to the skull. I then reduce the overall opacity of the sketch so it makes it easier to draw on. I'm going to increase the size of the art board by using the art board tool. This is because I'm expecting to draw a lot more hair than before. I'm gonna sketch some curly hair styles, so I'll play with texturing around the portrait, to see what direction I want to go in. The first sketch is a bob, which is full volume and tight curls. I started with the center parting, and then draw the sides, which overlap the face first. Then move around the portrait. It acts as a sort of 80s style perm. I start with the side part and then have hair overlapping one side of the face, but then tucked behind the ear of the other side. The curls would still be tight but much more loose than before. The next is a modified version of the first, still a bit dated but with looser curls. It's way more that I'm wanting hair at the back of the portrait, than at the front. Let's try some barrel curls, which are a bit mermaid inspired. I've purposely lift the hair from the front to expose the hairline on this one. I'm definitely wanting a curl and hairline mix from this project. I play with a couple more long hair styles before I'm convinced. I want to create an up do with curls, but what sort of curls am I going to create? How should the tied back hair look? For the updo, I'm going to draw the hair coming away from the hair line and meeting at the back, then have curly hair come in from the back. I'm happy with the direction this is going, and feel it suits her face a lot more. I would then reduce the opacity of the sketch and clean up the other sketches by putting them into the layer folder. As per usual, you'll have access to all of these sketches from the course source files. With the hair being curled, the volume of the hair when tied back will be slightly bigger than what it would be if I had tied, straight hair. So I'm going to tweak the sketch to show this and to also add more balance to the sketch. I use lasso tool to select the hair I wish and then move it in place. I'm going to begin drawing the hairline. I do this using the tapered hair brush and the paint brush tool. I first find where the center of the hairline is and then build up strokes from the sides to the center. As we did with the short hair style, I'm going to go over the hairline again to make sure that all the gaps and in between are filled. This is so we can create one complete shape for the hairline. I then object, expand, and then use pathfinder unite to combine the fills. As this rarely creates one shape, I'm going to use the blob brush tool to link together all of the shapes to create one complete shape. Let's create the shape for the hair on the skull by using the blob brush tool, simply draw around your sketch. I then use the live paint bucket to fill in the center of the shape and then go to object expand, appearance, and pathfinder unite to create one shape. You'll notice there may be holes here and there and this can be solved with the blob brush tool. I'm going to use the same process for creating the hair mass in the back. I draw around the edge with a blob brush tool and then fill it in with the live paint bucket. I use object, expand, appearance, and pathfinder unite. Finally, I modify the colors so you can clearly see the hair at the back and the hair tied back. Next time, on Creative Vector Hair, I'm going to show you how to render this curly hair updo. Thanks for listening.

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