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Vector hair
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7.1 Conclusion

Hey, all. My name is Sharon Milne and I want to thank you for joining me on this tuts+ course, Creative Vector Hair. I hope you enjoyed it and gained some useful insight into creating and rendering your own vector hair styles from scratch. So we've covered creating long, glamorous hair, short hair, curly hair, Updo, shaven hair, long smooth hair and fantasy hair. We know from each of the five projects what the process is. So you need to start with a sketch of the skull as a guide, create a sketch of your hair design, draw out your base shapes. Create your guiding strokes to help determine the direction of the hair. Build upon the shading and the highlights. And add flyaways to make it look more natural. If you're wanting to learn more about creating vector hair and portraits, I highly recommend you check out my other vector portrait video courses, here on tuts+. They all contain project based lessons, as well as downloadable files you can check out for each individual path. Enjoy your journey into vectoring hair, and see you next time on tuts+.

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