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Free Preview: Creative Concepts in Digital Painting


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Developing unique designs for a project is a special challenge for concept artists and illustrators. A concept for a children's game will have an entirely different look and feel compared to a design for a horror film. Learning how to change your style to match the property you are designing is a crucial skill for working in the book, TV, movie and gaming industries. In this course, you'll improve your skills in developing creative concepts for digital paintings across various industries and in different genres.

1. Introduction

1.1 Introduction

Hi, welcome to Creative Concepts in Digital Painting. My name is Char Reed, and I'll be your instructor for this tutorial. I'm a creature artist, and I have a lot of experience throughout my lifetime creating animals both real and fantasy. I specialize in both fantasy art and pet caricature and portrait art. I've also worked in the game, book publishing, and film industries and have some insight into the inner workings of these fields. I'm hoping you'll learn from this tutorial the different industries, the styles and genres within the industries, and tips on how to be flexible to change your style and adapt your illustrations for any field you would like to work in. Finally, I hope you find this course fun and informative. If you have any questions about anything you see in the tutorial, feel free to email them to me at char.reed@gmail.com. You can also check out more of my artwork at charreed.com. Stay tuned to the next lesson to learn what tools and resources you will need to start your creative concepts in digital painting. Thanks for watching.

1.2 Tools and Resources

Hi. Welcome to Creative Concepts in Digital Painting. My name is Shareed and in this lesson we're gonna learn about the tools and resources needed to complete this tutorial. To start, we'll look at Photoshop. Photoshop is primarily used for concept artists and 2D painters and illustrators. As well as the marketing and promotional departments to edit photos and create marketing images. There are a lot of different kinds of brushes and tool presets to use, both can be found online. Depending on the look you're trying to create, you can use specific brushes. Concept artists are primarily going to use this program in order to do their sketches and drawings. Typically from start to finish in order to create the needed art work quickly. Another program you can use is called Manga Studio. This app has great tools for sketching and drawing and wonderful inking tools. If you find you want to do more of a comic style, then Manga Studio is a great option. If you'd like to work in 3D modeling, you can use a free app called Sculptris. It allows you to quickly create 3D concepts and sculpt characters and environments. While Sculptris isn't the most powerful 3D software package, it works well for basic character designs. Also if you're drawing in 2D, and are unsure as to how a particular pose looks, then you can use Sculptris to quickly create a model and move it to the angle you need to view. You can also use a program called Poser which allows you to move the model around and you can draw the figure from different angles. There are also lighting controls which allow you to set up various lighting conditions in order to give your concepts more realistic lighting and depth Another thing you may need is the internet in order to research the different kinds of genres in the industry. In doing so you can look up the different kinds of styles used in various genres. Like action, adventure, horror, and fantasy, which all have specific looks and styles. By looking at examples of what came before, then you can recreate the style for your own project, or for a client's project. Check out the next lesson, where we'll learn about books and print media. Thanks for watching.