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2.1 Cinema 4D Overview

In this lesson you will learn about the work space in Cinema 4D so that you become comfortable navigating around your project. You will also be introduced to the tools we’ll need to create basic shapes.

2.1 Cinema 4D Overview

Hi everyone, and welcome to the low poly backgrounds course. In our first lesson, we're just going to go through a quick rundown of Cinema 4D and the tools that we're going to use for our project. So, I just wanna bring your attention to the three options here. So we've got a Move tool, a Scale tool, and a Rotate tool. We've also got this cube here, which we're going to use to import our shapes that we're going to use to create our low poly background. So by clicking on this cube, we have now created a cube object, which we can then use these three tools to manipulate. So if I select the Move tool, I can highlight one of these three arrows, and then just sort of move it in those directions. So either the red arrow, the green arrow, or the blue arrow, and that's one way that you can use to move the cube. Another way that we can use is the Scale tool. So having the Scale tool selected, we can make our cube bigger or smaller. And then lastly, we've got the Rotate tool. So once we've clicked on the Rotate tool, this will then appear, and we can then use either the green circle to rotate the square, or the red circle, or the blue circle, like so. So that's how we use these three tools. Just going to quickly delete the cube here. So let's delete that. Another thing that I want to draw your attention to is the submenu from the cube. So if we click and hold the left mouse button here, we've actually got all these other shapes that we can spawn into Cinema 4D. So let's go ahead and click on the plane, cuz this is what we're going to use in our next lesson. I'm also going to go and show you how we can navigate the scene. So these are the three tools that we can use. So this here, if we click and hold this, we can move around the scene like so. We can also use this to zoom in and out of the scene. And this lastly, this button here will help us rotate around our object. So that's the quick and easy way to go through Cinema 4D. Shortcuts for this sort of navigation will be holding the middle mouse button, so holding the middle mouse button, whoops. In fact, to do that you have to hold Alt on your keyboard, then hold the middle mouse button to move the camera around like this. Again, holding Alt, you can then click the left mouse button to rotate. And then lastly, to zoom in and out, it's just the middle mouse wheel. So scrolling the middle mouse wheel forwards or backwards will rotate, sorry, will re-zoom the camera in or out. Now lastly, if you actually click on the middle mouse button, we can then see different views of our scene. So we've got a top view here, a front view, and a right view, which can really help when we're positioning our objects in the scene. To go back to our Perspective view, simply take our mouse cursor back into Perspective, and then click the middle mouse button or our mouse wheel. So there you have it. That's our introduction to Cinema 4D. In the next lesson, that we're going to go through how to manipulate our plane. See you guys there.

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