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2.1 Source Images

Hello, welcome back to lesson two of creating a fancy book cover. So in this lesson, I'm going to quickly go over the images we're gonna be using, as well as the programs you need to download. Or if you already have them, that'd be great. Okay, so let's get straight into it. So first off you're going to need primarily Adobe Photoshop CS6 or CC. Now I'm gonna be using Adobe Photoshop CC, so that would be the best option cuz we're gonna be using a few filters which are only available in Photoshop CC. Saying that you can use Adobe Photoshop CS6 or CS5 or earlier versions. You'll just have to do the same technique using a different technique if that make sense. So instead of say I'm using a filter, you'll have to use an adjustment layer. Now I'll also be using Adobe InDesign and the CS6. But you don't have to have it, it's not compulsory. I'm just gonna be using it at the very end to send the file to print. So I'll be adding in the crop marks and I'll be saving it as a print ready file. So the first images here is basically all the images and we got another sheet here because it didn't fit all of them on. So we're gonna be using [INAUDIBLE] stark. She's got some alligators here for the swamp, you got a main character here. A bar code to on the book at the back, some sky, some trees, elephant. That's gonna be the horns to put on our hat, on our main person. So we've got sort of dragon skull, which I don't know what that is, what animal that is. But it looks pretty awesome. This is gonna be the top of our spear. Some ostriches, some rocks, some pyramids. And also on this other sheet, we have some animals and our main swampy area. All of the images can be found within the lesson descriptions or there's a text file which you can download within the source files. And it'll have all the links on there. So these ones from CG textures. What you gotta do is sign up for a free account which gives you 15 megabytes worth of free downloads. But you do have to worry about the usage that you're using. So some of the images might be a 5 megabyte file or some might like a 1 megabyte file. You need to realize that off, so you've got your 15 megabytes out of the day. So if you want to get download all the ones for this tutorial, this course, you're gonna have to try and get with a small version or the medium. Alternatively, you could buy the one-year membership which gives you a 100 megabytes per day which is more than enough. You can get at least 20 images at full size with that and that'll be perfectly fine. Okay, so the images from Deviant Art users, they come with their own set of rules. So they're not myself, they're actually stock providers who have their own set of rules for printing, for publishing and that type of the thing. So you need to look at their specific rules for each of their images to make sure that you're going by them. So if you wanted to print your own book or send it to the publishers, then make sure you've got the permission from the stockholders. And so just check the rules. It might say you can free to use them, but just check just to make sure. I've also provided you with some files to download and they are the templates we're gonna be using for our image. So I will do this in the next lesson, send out the file and the sizes. But you can skip that and you can just go straight into creating the piece. So with that being said, we are now ready to start our new book project. So please join me in the next lesson to continue this course.

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