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7.1 Adobe InDesign Print-Ready PDF

Hello, welcome back to lesson 19 of Creating a Fantasy Book Cover. So in this lesson, we're gonna quickly making this print file, ready to send to the printers or your publishers. So let me get right into it. So I have provided with you a template which you can use but I will show you how to make it from scratch just so you can understand it. So get to document all these are the same at the top, so change the width to 13 inches, so 13 I-N. Even though it says millimeters, you can do inches. Change the height to 9 inches. That's the same as our book, what we had in Adobe Photoshop. So the gutter, we want 0.1667 inches so I-N. And the margins, we want exactly the same. 0.5 inches. It's at millimeters at the moment, so make sure you change that, and it'll change it automatically. Okay, so then we want 0.125 inches on the bleed. 0.125 of an inch is an eighth of an inch, which is the standard bleed for most publications. When you've done that, click OK. And you get this as our base book document. When you've done that, might wanna save it first, then give it File > Place, and then Open the PSD, place it on the screen. Okay, and then place it in the very center. Picture's in the center there, it should lock to it like that, that's fine. As you can see, our text is right in the middle and that's fine. Let's add in our little center-point of our screen using the rulers. So Ctrl+R bring up the rulers like this. Make sure this is on inches so right-click go to inches. Drag 1 out to 6. And to seven which is there. And into the middle which is 6.5 and that is the middle of our inch. As you can see it is perfectly in the center and that's good to go. Okay happy with that so going to go to File > Export. Okay call this what you want so let's call it Book Cover. Adobe PDF print. Go to Save. Okay all this is fine, pages is fine, that should all be good. Yeah, that's all good. Go to Compression. You could do you want to keep core quality but normally 350 dpi is honestly fine or Pixels per inch, ppi, same thing. Mark some bleeds. I'm going to keep all the Crop Smarts. So click on All Printer Marks and use Document Bleed Settings, include Slug Area > Export. And then that'll be Saved. And then when I've opened it up, you will see on here the corners, the print cut marks are just inside of the bleeding area, so when the cutters they receive this file, they print it off, they can cut inside and it will cut off part of it but you will have no white edges. Okay, so that's basically the end of this lesson and the end of the course. We've got one more lesson to do with the conclusion which will go over what we've learned and be a time-lapse of everything from start to finish. Going through every single stage. So please join me in the next session to continue and to finish this course.

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