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3.1 Model a Pendulum

In this lesson we will learn how to model a pendulum using a sphere object. We will also learn how to edit the axis so that we can prepare for creating the swinging animation.

3.1 Model a Pendulum

Hi everyone, and welcome back to the oddly satisfying Pendulum Animation course. In this lesson, we'll learn how to model our pendulum. Now, for the shape of the pendulum, we're just going to go for the standard sphere that you usually see. However, if we go back to the Instagram account of Andres Wannerstedt, you can see that he often uses a variety of different 3D shapes for his pendulum, such as this cylinder shape for his pendulum here. If we scroll further down you'll see that he uses other shapes for his pendulums as well. As well as the usual spherical pendulum that you see here. So that's the normal sphere shaped pendulum that he uses. And you can see here he's using the cylinder shape again. So you saw this at the beginning of the course, it's sort of spinning around. And if we go further down here you'll also see that he uses a hoop shaped pendulum For one of his animations as well. So you can sort of see how you can experiment with different types of 3D shapes for this project. And here you can see he uses the cone for a pendulum instead of a sphere. So remember, if you're using a different shape like what he's using here, you'll have to use a different shaped hole that it needs to fit through. So for this animation for example, in order for the cone to fit through the hole he's used a triangle shape hole for his wheel. Cool, so let's go ahead and go back into Cinema 4D, and let's go ahead and go into our standard layout for now. So remember that we go to Windows > Customization > Layouts > Standard, just so that we can make the modeling a little bit easier, the modeling process a little bit easier. Now to create a pendulum let's go ahead and spawn a sphere into into the scene. So go to the cube object, click and hold and select the sphere. So this will spawn this sphere here. And now we wanna go into the front view. So click on the middle mouse button, and let's select the front view here by clicking the middle mouse button again. And let's go ahead and move our timeline all the way back to the beginning, so that all of our holes are straight. And in this front view we can now begin to scale this sphere so it fits into one of these holes. So make sure the sphere selected and we can scale the sphere down by selecting the radius here and just moving it smaller. So let's zoom in here so we can see a little bit better. So we don't want it to fit exactly, we want it to be a little bit smaller than the hole itself so that we can comfortably fit it through the hole. So it's something like that. So about 40 centimeters as the radius. And let's go back into the perspective view, by clicking on the middle mouse button, and selecting the perspective view with the middle mouse button again. And you can see that it's sort of fitting through the hole here. Now let's change the segments of the sphere. Just to increase the resolution here, so if I go to display, and choose shading lines, you'll see the segments now being shown on the sphere. So we want to increase the segments of us fear just to make it a little bit smoother, a little bit rounder. So something like 30 should be fine. Now you'll find that the sphere isn't exactly in the middle of the hall. So if we move around our wheel you'll see that it's a little bit more towards the right side of our wheel, than the left. Now this is because our wheel access is not in the middle of our scene. So let's set the values here so that both our pendulum and the wheel are centered in the scene. So our pendulum is in the center of the scene. So this is in the z axis. So you'll see the z axis is set to 0. And let's rename this wheel. So double-click on the extrude here and let's rename this wheel. And you'll see that the axis of this wheel, if we move into our right view isn't quite in the middle here. So in order to do that go to mesh, access center, use access center here and let's click execute, and you'll see straight away that the axis is now set into the middle. So if we go back to our wheel you'll notice now that the axis in the z value is set to 20 centimeters, which is why the circle of the sphere isn't inside the whole x axis. Let's set this to 0 and now you'll notice both the wheel and the sphere are in the middle. Let's go back to our perspective view, and that looks a lot better. Cool,so now let's hide the wheel for now by clicking on these buttons here until it's red. And we want to make this sphere editable. So select this sphere and let's click on this button here. And now let's use the polygon selection tool here and selects the top center polygon. So let's zoom in and let's use the Live Selection tool here. And we can go ahead and click and drag to select all these polygons here. You'll notice that they're selected when the highlight is in yellow. And now let's use the scale tool at the top here and click anywhere on the screen because we're going to scale this uniformly. And then click and drag until you make this selection a little bit smaller. Cool, so this is where we're going to make our string. So it's gonna be a little bit thin like that. Maybe a little bit thinner. So it's a very thin string. And next, we're going to right-click on this selection here. So let's zoom in, right-click, and we want you to use the extrude tool. So let's go down until we find extruded, which is over here. And we wanted to extrude the string out from the center. So now that we've got the extrude tool here, just click and drag on the selection, and you'll notice now that it's extruding out. Cool, now let's go ahead and use the Move tool here. And all we're going to do is move the selection up. Like so, to create our string. Now let's go, I'm just going to press Ctrl+Z a couple of times, just to bring this back, cuz I want to make this selection a little bit thinner. And now, let's go ahead and do this process again. Right-click Extrude, so I'm going to extrude this. Just click and drag the selection to exclude this out. And I'm going to make this use the scale tool to make this smaller. And now, let's go ahead and drag our string out from our pendulum like so. Cool, excellent. So that's it for this lesson, in the next lesson we'll learn how to animate this pendulum. See you all there.

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