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3.1 How to Add a Window Effect

In this lesson, you will learn how to apply the raindrop map to our photo image and create a window effect using CC Glass.

3.1 How to Add a Window Effect

Hi everyone, and welcome back to the Rainy Window Effect course. In this lesson, we'll learn how to create a Glass Window Effect for our animation. So now that we have our raindrop map completed, let's go ahead and pre compose these four layers. So, let's select all of these for four layers here, and then select layer. And pre compose, and make sure that move attributes is selected. And then let's call this Raindrop Map, Rain Drop Map, and then click OK. So now it's time to add one of our background images from vital elements to the competition. So let's go back to our project, and choose one of the photos that we imported into the project. And then just click and drag it in. And now all pre compose this image as well. So let's go to Layer and precompose. And let's call this BG for background, And click OK. Great, now let's hide the raindrop map for now, so we can see our background layer. And now we want to add CC glass to this, so let's zoom in here so we can fit it to the screen. And with the background layer selected, go to effect, and then go to stylace and then find CC glass to add it in. Great, now in the effects controls, we want to go to the top here and in the bump map, we want to select our range road map like so. And straightaway, you can see how our range road map is affecting the look of our animation, but it still needs some work before we can get it to look like what we want. So let's make the softness from twenty to ten. The heights to 100 and for displacement, we want to make it the highest value possible. So we can start to see the Refraction effect in our raindrops. So let's crank it up to 500 like so. And then next, we wants to go to the shading options and we want to put the ambience to 100 and then everything else we want to see puts it at zero, like so. So for the lowest value for roughness is no point no, no one, and then metal or put it down to zero as well, great. So now you can see how we're starting to get that window look with cc glass. Now to help sell the look of the window even more, we can bring in a dirty glass texture or any sort of grungy texture that you can easily find, on Envato elements. So let's import our grunge texture into the projects go to File, Import import file, find our dirty glass texture here, import that into the project. Now let's click and drag it into the competition at the top of our layers like so. And now let's set the mode, to screen, cool. And now, inside our dirty glass window texture options, let's go to transform and let's bring the opacity down to something like, let's say 50%. Something like that. Excellent, all right, so that's it for this lesson. In the next lesson, we'll learn how to customize the look of the raindrops on the window to make them look even more realistic. See, y'all there.

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