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2.1 Envato Elements Introduction

In this video, you will learn how to navigate the website to find the resources and assets that you can use for this project. We will then download the files needed to create the rain scene.

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2.1 Envato Elements Introduction

Hi everyone, and welcome back to the Create a Rain Scene with Envato Elements course. In this lesson we'll learn how to navigate the web site to find the resources and assets that you can use for your project. We'll also show you how to find and download the files needed to create the rain scene. So upon entering the website elements.envato.com you'll be greeted with some examples of digital assets that you will have access to as a member on the left here. So we've got graphics, videos, audio, presentation templates, photos, fonts, WordPress and more. So you can see the full list at the top here in the browse menu. Or if you have anything specific that you wanted to search for, you can search for it in the search box here. So let's take a quick look at the video templates by clicking on the Browse button here and now we can select video templates from this menu here. So let's click on that. And now for each section, you'll be able to browse through all of the assets, sorted out by either the most popular, which you can do on the top right here, or by the newest video here. But with hundreds and thousands of videos to go through, that might not be the best way of choosing or finding what you need for your project. So luckily to make things easier for us, we have the filter menu on the left that we can use to narrow down our choices. Now if it's not showing for you, simply click on the Show Filters button here and then you can see all the filters have appeared again. So if I choose a motion graphics category, so let's go ahead and look at these categories here. And if I choose, let's say let's say infographics, you'll see straight away that all the assets available to download change. Now this gives us another option to narrow things down here, so let's say if I click on Logo Strings, sometimes you'll notice that the refined by categories change a little bit. So if I try and find something, or if we go back to the browser menu and let's go to stock video. And if I choose motion graphics, you find now that we've got a motion graphics category that appears and without it, it won't be here. And if I choose stock footage, you see that stock footage category appears. So this depends on what sorts of item that you're browsing. So let's just go back to video templates for now. Cool, so you can see if we choose logos strings as this is what we're going to be looking for our rainy scene video. You can see that we have almost 2,000 videos to look at so you can see the number here. It's got 1,954 videos at the moment and if I click out of that, you'll notice now we've got all these numbers on the right here to show you how many videos are available for each section. Now 2,000 videos is quite a lot, so we'll need to narrow that down even further. So in the next section we can choose what application is supported. So we can narrow that a little bit further by clicking on, let's say, After Effects, as this is the program that we'll be using for this tutorial. And the next thing that we want to look at is plugins. Now we can click No Plugins Required as these videos require additional things for it to work. So unless you're familiar with using plugins, you might want to tick this box as well. Or if you'd like to see what's available, if you want to see more options you can leave it unticked. And finally, in the last section we can choose the minimum resolution of our video. Now the slider gives us four choices, or five choices if you count all of them. We have, let's see, 720 HD, which has 1,643 videos included in that or 1080p which is full HD. We've also got 2K which will narrow it down to 178 videos or finally 4K. Cool, now let's say we want to be working in at least full HD, so we want to choose 1080p. Now you'll notice that with each refinement option, the number of options goes down. So we've got 1,600 here, and then we finally got 178 for 2k and 174 for 4k, so hopefully, you can narrow down the type of asset that you want using this slide here. Now for this particular project, I'm looking for a particular type of video. So if you know what you're looking for, the best that is to go to the search bar at the top here, as 1,600 videos is still quite a lot. So if you know what you're looking for, let's go over to the search bar here and you can further refine it by going to this drop down menu here. So we're still looking at video templates, so you can click on that. And now let's type in what we're looking for, so we're looking for a neon sign. And then hit Enter on the keyboard or click on the Search button here, and now you'll see that we've really narrowed things down to only a couple of pages, or just one page. So that's just, we want a little bit more option here so let's go ahead and just click on Neon. So now we've got a few more options here, we've got three pages worth of options that we can choose from. And now we can just sort of take a look at what's available. And once you've settled on a video, the next thing you want to do is to download it. So let's say we want to download this Epic Neon in the Street video, you can click on the button here. It's downloaded. Cool, now we can also click into it to see a larger preview of the video. And you can click on the Play button here to see what it looks like and see what sort of footage we're looking at. Looks pretty cool and let's have a look at the next scene here. So this video includes two scenes, so the first scene zooms out and the second scene sort of pans from the bottom. We've got two sort of neon texts here which is looking pretty cool. Excellent, and now we can download the free preview by clicking on the button here, which will give you access to a low res version of the video feeds used. Now to access the best quality video, you'll need to become a member and subscribe. So becoming a member with Envato Elements is really easy, simply sign up for a free account by clicking on the Create a Free Account button here. And then you can enter your details, so you can enter your first name, your last name, your email address and just simply sort of set up your account. This will give you access to the site's free files so remember to unlock everything. You'll need to subscribe, which you can do that by, let's go back to, and let's go to pricing, and you can do that by going to the pricing and clicking on Start Now Here. Awesome, so let's finish off this video by finding out what other assets we'll need to use to use for our rainy scene project. So now that we've got our video, so if we just go back here. So the Epic Neon in the Street video is the main video that we're going to use. We want to look for some rain to add to this scene. Again, the easiest way to do this is to type in rain in the search boxes, so let's go ahead and type in rain. And we want to select the correct category which in this case, we go down here, will be stock video. So we want to look for rain in stock video, and then click on the Search button. Excellent, now we've got all these videos here which relates to what we're looking for. So, now we've got all different types of rains, some with different background types and settings. But we're really looking for something with a plain background, a plain black background specifically, so that we can use it and combine it with the previous footage. So straightaway, I can see this rain overlay video here. So let's go ahead and click into that and see what that looks like. So now we can just preview what the rain looks like. So we've got nine videos and they're all looping. And this is generally the sort of video that I'm looking forward to combine with the rain and it also gives you some examples of how you can use the rain overlay as well. Cool, so you can either download the free preview here, or if you're already a member, just simply download the video. Excellent, finally we'll want to create a video with the sound of rain. So let's go ahead and change the category from all items here and let's go ahead and go to music or no, sound effects. Let's go to sound effects and we want to look for the rain sound effects. So let's type in rain here and click on the Search button. Cool, and now you'll see that we've got a whole bunch of different rain sounds that we can use. Again you can preview and listen to each one of these by clicking on the Play button to find out what sort of rain sound will suit your video project best. Now I can actually narrow the search down even further by typing in something like heavy rains, so let's type in heavy rain here. Or even more specifically, heavy rain on the porch, so each sort of rain will have a specific sound and now you can see we've narrowed it down to just four, four different sound effects, go ahead and listen to each one of them see which one that you prefer. Now I'm just going to click and download the first one, heavy rain on the porch to use for our project. And there we have it, how to use the Envato Elements website. Now that we have our three different digital assets, we'll now be ready to create our rain animation. In the next video, we'll go over a quick after effects overview. See you all there.

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