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2.2 Preparing the Video

In this lesson, you’ll learn how to import the necessary files (such as a logo design) into After Effects and how to prepare your composition.

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2.2 Preparing the Video

Hi everyone, and welcome back to Create Modern Glitch Animations in After Effects. In this lesson, we'll be going through our preparation for our animation. So let's start by creating a new composition by clicking on the New Composition button here. Or by going over to our Project panel, right-clicking and selecting New Composition. So a new window will appear, which will allow us to adjust the composition settings. At the top here, we can give our composition a name. So let's go ahead and name this Glitch Effects. And in this area here, we can adjust things like the width and the height, the frame rate, and also how long our animation's going to be. So you can either choose from the preset options here, or we can create a custom one, and then going ahead and clicking on the width and height options. And then putting in the number that we want it to be. So let's go ahead and make this 1920 by 1080. We want the frame rates to be set at 30, so let's keep it at that. And the duration of the video at 10 seconds. But we can always change this duration later on in the project as we are creating our animation. So once you're happy with the composition settings, let's go ahead and click OK. And as soon as you've clicked OK, you can see that we've got our video in our preview window here. And we've also got our composition, Glitch FX in the project panel. And also the Glitch FX here, and the timeline here as well. Excellent, so now that we've got our first composition set up, we can now begin to export some of our external files into the project. In this case, we'll want to export our logos into the project. So to do this, let's go ahead, and you can either click on File > Import and File, or we can go ahead and right-click on the project panel here, Imports > File, as well. So let's go ahead and do that. And we'll see here that we've got our logos. So let's go ahead and select the logo that we want to import, click Import, and it will be in our project panel here. Excellent, now that we've got our file imported, let's go ahead and create the text that we want animated. So select the text tool at the top here. And now that our cursor has been changed into this sort of text icon, we can click anywhere on our preview window here. And let's go ahead and type in Glitch, Animation or Glitch Effect. And you can see that in our paragraph panel here, we can change the way that our text looks. Let's just go ahead and change the typeface. Let's find a suitable typeface for this. Or if you know a typeface, just type it in here, And select the one that you want. Excellent, so now that we've changed the typeface, we can also change the size as well. So let's go ahead and change it into something suitable. You can just click here and select a value for the size of the text. And we also want to make sure that we've also aligned it to the center as well, just in case we want to make any changes to the text. And keeping it centered will mean that if we make any changes, it won't really change the positioning of the text. And speaking of positioning, if we want to select the selection tool here, or V on the keyboard, we can now go ahead and move the text to where we want it. Now you can see that it says refresh disabled here. So if we press Caps Lock, make sure that Caps Lock isn't on in your keyboard. And you can see where you are moving your text, like so. Now if we want to try and align this to the center, we can click on choose Grid and Guide Options here. Select Title Action Save. You'll see that we've been given some guidelines here, like so. So let's go ahead and just place this roughly in the middle, above the center line. Excellent, so now that we've done that, let's go ahead and go to Layer. And let's go to Pre-compose. And let's call this Title, 01. Make sure that you've selected, move all attributes into the new composition. And then click OK. Cool, so now we've created a new composition simply made up of the title that we've created here. So if we double-click on that and select the title here, now you can see that we've got our text inside this composition. So if we ever wanted to change the text, we can change it in the title composition here. Now let's go back to the glitch effects. You can see there are title compositions inside the glitch effects composition. Now let's finish up the project by setting the project to 32 bits per channel. So to do this, just hold the Alt button on the keyboard and click on this section here until it becomes 32 bpc. Great, so that's it for this lesson. In the next lesson, we'll be learning how to start our glitch animation by using using fractal noise. See you all there.

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