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5.5 How to Render Your Video

Hi everyone, and welcome back to Create a Modern Glitch Animation in After Effects. In this lesson, we'll learn how to render our animation. So first of all, let's make sure that our correct composition is selected, which in this case, is the final glitch animation. Then we need to go to Composition, and select Add to Render Cue. Now over here, we'll see that we've got our final Glitch Animation comp inside our Render Cue. And we can also change some render settings here. So if you select Best Settings, you'll see that you've got some options here. Let's select use this frame rate, which is 30, select OK. And over here let's click on Lossless, and you can change the format of the video. So you change it to a JPEG sequence or a QuickTime video, let's keep it at AVI for now. You can also select to resize your video, so if you wanted to change it into a smaller video, you could do here. Or if you wanted, you can choose some of the presets in this menu here as well. Untick that, and you can also crop this video as well. So if you wanted, you can choose to crop the edges of this video, so untick that as well. And just keep it at the default options for now, so click OK. And the last thing you want to do is you want to choose the output for this video and the file name. So choose where you want to create the video, choose the file name, and then click on Save. And then finally all you have to do is click on the Rend button here and wait for the final render to finish. So that's it for this tutorial. In the next lesson, we'll go through the conclusion of the course, see you all there.

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