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5.2 How to Create a Glow Effect

Hi everyone, and welcome back to create a glitch animation and after effects. In this lesson, we'll learn how to add a glow effect to our glitch animation. So to do this, we'll need an adjustment layer. So, go to Layer > New > Adjustment Layer. Just make sure that the layer is at the top of everything here. We will rename this, so right click, Rename, and rename this Glow Effect. And with Glow Effect selected, let's go ahead and add some effects to this. So you go to Effect, we want to go to Channel, and go to Set Channels. Now, over here, where it says Set Alpha to Source, we wanted to change it from Alpha to Saturation. So what this does is it removes everything that doesn't have a lot of saturation in it, which means it's just selecting the glitch effect colors, which is exactly what we want. Cool, now with the Glow Effect layer still selected, let's go to Effect, and go to Channel, and select Solid Composite, and we'll want to change the color from white to black, like so. And now, we can add the glow effect. So let's go ahead and collapse these, select Effects, go to Stylize, and select Glow. Now, with the first glow effect, let's go ahead and change the Threshold from 60 to 20%, the Glow Radius from 10 to 15, and the Intensity to 0.1, like so. Collapse that, and press Ctrl+D on the keyboard. Duplicate this, and now, change the Glow Radius from 15 to 380 for the next one, and collapse that, and duplicate this and then, change the Glow Radius from, in fact, let's leave that 380. But for the second glow, let's lower this a little bit to 160, like so. Cool, now, you can play around with these settings that you see fit so you can just lower some of the intensities here a little bit, and just slightly, and if you wanted to increase the Glow Radius, or decrease the Glow Radius, here, like so, you could do that. Just play about with these settings until you get a look for the glow that you want. Cool, now, the next thing that we want to do, is we wanted to add a Hue and Saturation. So we go to Effect, we go to Color Correction, and then, let's go and find Hue and Saturation. In fact, it's not in Color Correction. Let's go to Effect > Color Correction. Here it is. So select Hue and Saturation, and then, change the Master Hue to 14 degrees, just to lighten up the green a little bit. Cool, now, finally, the last thing we have to do is, with the Glow Effect layer, is Select > Add, and finally, we've got our text added in again, and there you have it. A cool glow effects for your glitch animation. Feel free to tweak the glow effect values to get the look that you want, and in the next video, we'll learn how to create a background for our animation. See you all there.

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