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4.4 How to Create a Glitch Transition

Hi everyone, and welcome back to create a modern glitch animation in After Effects. So in this lesson, we'll learn how to create a transition animation using the glitch effects and animating between the text and a logo. So the first things we want to do is we want to use the imported logo that has been taken from the logo section in Elements. Where you can find an absolutely massive selection of logos to choose from. So let's use this logo first we want to duplicate our title comp, so let's go ahead and go to our project panel here and go to Edit and duplicate. So now I've got a title one and a title two. Let's go ahead and double click in title two so that we can go into it and let's go ahead and replace the text with the logo. So the way that we do this is, is we can just turn off the text here by clicking on the i icon, and let's go ahead and drag and drop the game logo into our composition like so. So and then underneath the transform option, so let's open this up and go into Transform. We can now use the scale options here to scale this down to the size that we wanted it. I'm just going to open up the Glitch Effects here, just so that I can figure out the positioning of the logo. So I just wanted to position the logo sort of center of where the text is going to be. Like so. And maybe slightly higher. Excellent. So let's go ahead and click off of the Glitch Effects text by clicking the eye icon here. And now we have a title to comp containing our new logo. Great, now let's go back into our Glitch Effects comp here and we 'll now want to duplicate the title comp here as it's got all our effects in this. If you click on Title and go to our effects controls you can see we've got all of this work that we've added into this computation here so let's duplicate that so edit and duplicate. It didn't quite duplicate so let's go ahead and try that again. Edit, and Duplicate, excellent. So let's go and collapse all of this stuff here like so. So now we've got two Title 01 Comps. Now the next thing that we want to do is we want to replace the glitch effects text in one of these compositions. So to do this let's go to project, and we want to hold down the Alt key on the keyboard while selecting our title two comp. And then whilst holding the alt key click and drag it onto the composition. And you'll see now, our title two composition has replaced our title one composition, and it still has all of the effects that we have here. So if we click off Title 01 you'll see that it has the animation inside the composition, except this time it has the logo. Excellent. So now, you'll see we have two animations on top of each other. So we've got the glitch animation text and the logo animation text. So in order to create a transition, from one to the other, what we need to do is we need to select one of them so that select Title 02, and let's go ahead and click with the matte. We want to click Invert Matte inside Set Matte. So let's click Invert Matte here. And if we hide Title 01 for now you can see how that's changed the animation. So now it's moving from a fully realized logo and then sort of glitching and fading out like so. Cool. So now, let's have a think about how you want to create this animation. So if we wanted the animation to start off with a Glitch Effect and then transition into the logo. So in fact what we want to do here is we want to un-check Invert Matte, go to Title 01 and let's check Invert Matte for this. So, it starts off with Glitch Effects and then, it sort of fades out like this. And then, we want it to fade in to the logo, like so. So, you can see a rough idea of how this works. So, this is simply by clicking on Invert Matte for Title 01. So it goes from Glitch Effects and it glitches into the logo. Excellent. So now that we've got this transition animation, the next thing that we want to do is that we want to centralize the logo and the text. So the way that we do this is, we go back into the title comp. And we just sort of select the text and either using the selection tool or going into Transform and then using the churns, the position tool, we can sort of move the text and see how that reflects in our composition. Now, we want to move the Glitch Effects text further to the right. So let's go ahead and do that. So let's move that to the right here like so. And I'm just sort of moving it around, switching back and forth between the Title 01 Comp and the Glitch Effects Comp until we get roughly the center of the text, so I'm just gonna move it slightly more to the right. So that's roughly, just a bit more to the right, so that's roughly the middle here and now we want to do the same with the logo. So with the logo, we wanted to move it more to the left, so let's go back into the Title 02 comp, and do the same thing. So go to Transform and in the position, we want to move it slightly to the left here until it gets to the middle like so. Cool, so now when we click on the play button, you'll see a nice glitch transition animation. Excellent, now, in fact, I want to move the center of this, so let's go ahead and move this down a little bit. And let's go ahead and scale this up slightly. Just tweaking the animation,cool. Let's see if that's in the center. Let's move that a little bit more to the right, so I'm just going to move that a bit more to the right. Cool. So that's it with this lesson. In the next video, we'll learn how to create a reflection effect for our animation. See you all there.

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