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3.2 How to Create a Basic Glitch Animation

Hi everyone and welcome back to create modern Glitch Animations in After Effects. In this session, we'll learn how to create a basic Glitch effects look for our text. But before we start this tutorial, let's go ahead and create a separate save file for this point as we'll be coming back to this save file when we begin creating the more complex Glitch Animation later in the course. So from there go to File, select Save As, and let's go ahead and call this Tuts Glitch Animation, like so. Excellent, now that we've saved that, from the last video we've discussed how we can animate the text by scrubbing backwards and forwards on the max horizontal displacement here. So by using the timeline here, we can actually create an animation from that. So just open up the Title column, go to Displacement Map, and make sure that max horizontal displacement has been selected. And if we scrub to the beginning of our timeline, we can actually create a key frame by clicking on that button here. Move forward in time to about two seconds and we can actually change the way that this looks here by scrolling backwards and forwards on the max horizontal displacement. And it's created a new key frame at two seconds. So now if we scrub backwards and forwards to two seconds, you can see how that has created a two second animation for our text, excellent. Then we can also do the same with vertical displacement to add a little bit of variety and movement to our Glitch Animation. So making sure that we are at the very beginning of our timeline, let's go to max vertical displace here and create a new key frame here like so. And let's go ahead and make a value or create a, set a value for this one. Just sort of scrubbing backwards and forwards until you get an interesting look that you want. So let's go ahead and keep it at 20, like so. Or let's 35 and now, if we scrub to two seconds, just do the same with the vertical displacement. And just sort of change it again and you'll see it has created a new key frame here at two seconds like so. Now, you can scrub backwards and forwards in our timeline here, for two seconds, just to see and preview what this two-second animation looks like. And we can also make further adjustments to the animation. If we wanted to make the animation longer by, let's say four seconds. We can grab those key frames here and move them to four seconds. Or if you wanted to, we can actually make further adjustments to the animation by going back to these horizontal displacements here and changing, you look even further, like so. Just to add a more glitchy look to our text animation, awesome. So now we can actually start adding color to our animation as well. So with the Title 01 Composition selected, we can go to Effect > Color Correction, and let's go to Tint. And if we close display up here, we can see that we've got the Tint effect inside our Title01 Comp here like so. Cool, now once we've got this, if we wanted to change the texts to a certain color, let's say red, let's go into Tint. And let's map white to red like so, excellent. Cool, now if we wanted to make this even glitchier, we can actually go ahead and duplicate the title comp by selecting this and then, pressing Ctrl+D on the keyboard. And now we can make a new color for this title. If we wanted, let's say, cyan we can go to red would be 0, g would be 1, and b would be 1, like so. And now, we can set the first layer and change this mode to Add and then slightly adjust theplacement of the second layer, like so. And you can see now, How that's looking a bit more glitchy, Cool. Now you can even add more layers by duplicating the title again. And then sort changing the color, Here, Like so. And again, just sort of slightly changing the placement of the composition using the selection tool. And you can see how that's starting to look really, really glitchy, Cool. So that's it for this video. In the next video, we'll learn how to add some directional movement to our Glitch Animation, see you all there.

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