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5.3 How to Create a Background

Hi everyone, and welcome back to create a modern glitch animation in After Effects. In this lesson we'll learn how to create a background for our glitch animation. Now that we have our animation completed, let's go ahead and add that background. So to do this let's go to Layer > New > Solid, rename the solid background. And let's go ahead and click and drag the background there to the very bottom, like so. Now in order to change the color of our background, we'll need to go to Effects and Presets. And in the search here, let's search fill. Now under Generate, you'll see a Fill effect here. Just click and drag the Fill effect, and place it into our background layer. And you'll see straightaway that it's changed the color of our background. Now, in order to change the color, just go to the Color box here, click on it. And you can easily change the colors in these options, like so. Or if you have a specific color, you can enter it here. So let's go ahead and answer 07262E, and this will have a nice dark blue color for our background. Great, so now the next thing that you might want to do is add a camera to our animation, just to give it a little bit of a zoom effect. So, let's go ahead and go to Layer > New > Camera, select OK. And then just make sure it's placed above the glitch effects composition. And then with our timeline, let's move this to the very beginning. And under Camera Options, let's just zoom out a little bit. So zoom out a little bit, like so, maybe to about 2,400. And then click on the key frame icon here. And then let's move to where the animation finishes. To around here. And then let's zoom in a little bit. Let's zoom in, that's not the right one. So make sure that you've zoomed in, and that will create a new key frame. So you can see by clicking play, the camera zooms in very subtly as our animation plays. Cool. So that's it for this lesson. In the next video, we'll learn how we can change the logo and the text of our animation, see you all there.

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