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Building Your Own Actions in Adobe Photoshop



If you have used Photoshop for any extensive creative projects, you know that there are certain steps that you tend to do over and over again. This can be a tedious and time-consuming process, so what if you could train Photoshop to do it all for you? Well, you can! It’s actually one of the greatest features in Photoshop, and it’s called Actions. Actions let you record the steps you take in Photoshop so that you can perform them again at the press of a button.

Once you finish this course, you will know how to create these Actions yourself. We start with the very basics of recording Actions. We will take a look at the Actions panel, and discuss what types of Photoshop features can and cannot be used in Actions. Then we will dig into some more advanced techniques like conditional statements and what to do when a particular tool or feature doesn’t record. We’ll finish by creating an intricate Star Dust effect that is completely automated.

This course is intended for intermediate users of Photoshop who already know how to use the program and are familiar with its major features and interface.