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Free Preview: Blending Techniques in Sketchbook Pro 8


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In this Coffee Break Course, digital artist Robert Marzullo will show you the step-by-step process of blending paint in Sketchbook Pro 8. You will learn three different methods of accomplishing this form of painting: how to blend with opacity, how to blend with the synthetic brushes, and how to blend with the soft airbrush.

1. Blending Techniques in Sketchbook Pro 8

1.1 Introduction

[SOUND] Hello everyone. My name is Robert Marzullo and I'll be your instructor in this course, Blending Techniques in SketchBook Pro 8. Brought to you by Tuts+. In this course I'll be teaching you three different ways to blend digital paint inside of SketchBook Pro 8. The first method will be to use a brush with light opacity to create our blending effect. The second will be to use synthetic brushes and smudge brushes to blend. And then lastly will use the airbrush to get the soft blending effects. So, with these effects in hand, you'll have a lot better understanding of how you can create your digital paintings inside of SketchBook Pro 8. So I'm very excited to teach you this course, let's go ahead and get started.