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4.1 Conclusion

In this video we’ll go through what we’ve learnt in the course and my final thoughts on the process of creating the icons in Adobe Illustrator and animating them in After Effects. We’ll also go through how you can expand on these techniques for future designs and projects.

I hope you’ve learned some useful skills during this course. My name is Jonathan Lam, and from all of us here at Envato Tuts+, thanks for watching!

4.1 Conclusion

So with that last video, we've come to the end of the animating icons with Adobe Illustrator and After Effects Course. In this course, you've successfully learned how to create icons using different tools in the Adobe Illustrator, such as the pen tool and the shape tools. You've also learned how to export them into After Effects so that we can animate them. These techniques can be used in a variety of different ways for a range of different UI purposes. We've only discussed buttons and icons in this course; however, you can expand on these skills to create anything you want depending on what your project demands, be an animated explainer video or just some cool animations for a video game project. I hope you've learned a lot in these demos and that you can apply these skills to your own workflows. I hope that you've learned something new, that you haven't seen before, in Adobe Illustrator and After Effects that will aid you in completing your future designs. I had a lot of fun creating these animated buttons, so thanks for watching, good luck creating your own icon animations, and I'll see you next time on Tuts Plus.

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