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2.7 Wrapping Our Trunks Around the Bottle

Hello and welcome back to the advanced retouching techniques course. I'm Les Morehead, and we are now on lesson nine. In this lesson, we will be working on our wrap around tree trunks, the most important and difficult part of the course. But first, we're gonna add in a small bit of detail to the front, just add a bit more trees. So got this dead branches here. Open that one up for you, and then go to Channels, I'm gonna use the Channels to cut this one out. So the blue one, as you can see is, mainly the blue one always has the best ratio from whites to darks, let's use that one. So first of all let's right-click and Duplicate Channel. Click okay. And make the blue copy visible and then hide the blue. You can rename it if you want and call it selection. I've done it capitals but it looks cool. So let's do that. And we're gonna use that. So first of all, hit Ctrl+L, bring up the levels. Or Command L on a Mac. And then we're gonna bring up the mid tones. So basically what we're trying to do is increase the shadows on the blacks just so we can make that our selections. So increase the shadows again, increase the whites, increase the mid tones, increase the shadows, increase the whites. Repeat process basically until we've got the best selection we can get to get rid of all of that gray in the sky basically. And that's probably the best we're gonna get so click okay. Ctrl on your keyboard and hit on the thumbnail. And you'll get this selection here. Make all these visible. Click RGB and then take off selection on the height on the eyelet there. Hit layers and then hit mask. As you can see just under the skies, so we want to reverse this, so Ctrl+I on your keyboard on the mask and it'll do that. Bring this into our document and I'll make this smaller so we can see what we're working with so we can change it and make it the best it can be. So first let's hide the trunk we've got there. We've got a few errors here. Got a couple horrible lines. We can get rid of that. So first of all, I'm gonna work a bit more on the mask, so Control+L on the mask. You can see it in real time here so increase the shadows again, mid-tones, shadows. Let's not try and get rid of the actual detail in the tree trunks but do the best you can. That's looking okay. And apply the mask, we don't need that anymore. Right click, apply mask. And let's get rid of that horrible edge. So go to select, layer, sorry, matting, and then go to remove white matte, or you can go to defringe. Let's try Defringe, and let's go to Free. Okay, that's got rid of that horrible outline. Really good tool to use that. Okay. So before we add this into our scene, we're gonna make it a bit more mossy. So bring in the mossy texture which I added in the pack, which is this one here. We're just gonna apply this to our branch. Now you could do like a displacement map on this to make it wrap right around the branches but we're not gonna do that cuz it takes too much time. It's only a small section. Okay, so first of all I'm gonna darken this. So right-click Rasterize. Go to image, adjustments, brightness and contrast and bring that down slightly. Something like that. And I'm gonna take away some of the contrast, we don't need that. Keep it level, something like that. Click okay. Go between the two layers and in this hit on that, on the mask. So at the minute it looks horrible, we're gonna fix that. Double-click on the layer or right-click blending options. Let's make sure we see what we're doing. So we can see it over here anyway. Now on the underline layer at the bottom here hold Alt on your keyboard, slap to the right point and then bring it up. As you can see it's added moss to our trunk and we don't have to do anything to it. We don't have to do any retouching or anything, perfect. Click okay. That's looking pretty good. Now if you wanna add in more you can do. You can always change the Layer Style, see if any of the other ones would work. So it's a bit more subtle doing a soft light or overlay. But I can leave it as Normal. Okay. So with both layers Ctrl+G in the group layers, let's call it branch, or let's call it dead branch. Okay, now we're gonna place this underneath our foreground, our main elements here. So first I'm gonna put it on the left and it's gonna be above the fence, so somewhere over here. It's looking good. Duplicate it, control+j, edit transform, flip horizontal and add it over here as well. Okay, so that's looking good, that's fine where it is. But I don't like these extra bits here because they're exactly the same as the other side. So just mask that out. So hit mask on the whole group. Get a black brush. Full opacity. I'm gonna get rid of these ones here. Cool. So we're getting somewhere here. Okay, looking good. So now we can work on our actual trunks. Okay, so bring the layer in. Make it visible. Okay, so we're gonna work from the ground up. So let's first do the bottom part of it. So on this layer I'm gonna duplicate it. So make a copy. I'm gonna hide the layer one, and then gonna rasterize this one. Ctrl+T, I'm gonna make this smaller. Now we need part of this, so just grab a section here using the Marquee tool. Something like that. Ctrl+J. Pipe the layer here, the one below. Now we're gonna bring this below. Everything's gonna be the bottom part of it, so it's right below the trunk here. Okay, zoom in. Now we're gonna have the bark side on the outside on this part. Set it lower down there, just bring it down. Ctrl+T, a bit smaller. Okay, so now puppet warps. You might want to make a smart object first. Go to Edit. Puppet warp. Now I've hid the mesh so I can see what I'm doing. But you can show it if you want. And add a point to the bottom and the top. And also one, sort of half way up or a third up. I'll change this to distort and then expand it quite a lot. And then what we're gonna do is wrap around the top, and then bring out this middle one a little bit. Then bring that under or down. Bring that one in. Bring the low one in again. Okay. Bring that up. Bring that up. So just pan around to see what you think is best. You could say this is quite tricky part of the course. You got one here, so you can bring this out a bit, something like that. And, wrap it right round. Click okay, tick, and that's looking good. Okay, so we got that part done. You might wanna make it a little bit smaller if you want. Ctrl+T on the main layer and that'll make that smaller. Drag it in and then that's fine. Okay, so now it's the bit here which is wrapping around. You can make a guide for yourself if you want, it's about everything. New Layer. Go to a pink or purple. Get a brush and then just draw out where you think it should go. So move here. It should wrap around here and wrap around here. And it should go here as well and it will wrap on there. Okay so just use it as a guide. Okay. So make a new layer again. Take on this one here which I've hid. So we only need a small section of this again, something like let's just split it in half. Something like that, Ctrl+J. I'm gonna delete that again from the bottom one, so this one here, so now we've got two different sections. We've got this one here and this one here. Now this one we're gonna use for the wrap around at the top here. Just hide that for now, and this one we're gonna use for this main one, at the back, which is gonna go right around here. Okay, so make it a little bit smaller, something like this will be fine, and then what we're gonna do is go to edit, popover work again. Add one at the bottom and one at the top and one about a third of the way up. Let's see what we can do with this. So let's wrap round this one here, this edge and this is gonna be going the other way. So make sure it's doing that. And the same again up here, so we can use this point to distort it. Same again with this one. Okay. Let's try and get the wrap around. So then it's covered our label. We can always mute the label or this and second. Let's bring up the expansion. So we get a bit more movement, instead of so rigid. Okay, so we need it to be going down, not that way. Up, sort of going like this, got an S type thing, like that and that goes up there. Okay. Map down. This is all about your sort of precision with this. It's all about If you think it looks right. If you think it does then leave it as it is. But this is a part where it needs a lot of work, okay. So let's leave it like that for now. Click, tick let's hide that line at the top there. Zoom out. Okay, that's looking pretty good. It's not perfect. We can adjust that in a second. So what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna add this section at the top here. So I'm gonna bring back to that layer we got there, which we got hidden. Ctrl+T. Make it the same size. So we can attach this to that. We're gonna wrap it around there. So first of all Edit, Puppet Warp. And then go to Distort, Expansion, quite a lot of the way up, and let's wrap it around here. First, we need to add one in the middle. And then wrap it around. Let's try and get this looking good. Okay. Sort of like that. Try the bottom one. Bring that up a little bit. So you could add little point on each section, and just do it bit by bit, if you want absolute precision on it. That's not a bad section. I'm gonna make that a bit smaller. Because these need to be coming back a little bit. Like there. Okay, let's click tick, see what we're looking at. Yeah, that's not awful. It's not great. So maybe put this down a bit. So now we can blend these together. Okay, so that top bit is not quite on our bottle, so we could just transform this slightly, like that, okay. Now before we're gonna mask these, these are quite a little bit off in the center here. So go to Edit and then warp, transform and then warp. Let's try and bring these in a bit. There you go. Okay, so now you're gonna mask them together. So hit the mask. Get your brush, soft brush, and just mask these together. All right, make them match. Okay, looking good. Okay, so now let's add in our join-up here. So it's gonna join-up the bottom to this middle section here. So on your hid layer of the main element, let's duplicate that. And let's rasterize it. Now any of this section of this, let's get this here. Ctrl+J and I hide that layer so we can use it again in a minute. Ctrl+T. Make this smaller. So we're gonna try and join these two. So first of all, let's bring back this layer here so we know it's gonna wrap round here. So we can do it front of the bottle for now and then we can hide it in a minute. So we're gonna try and join these together. Okay, so this is quite difficult. So, I'm gonna correct smart object, edit, puppet warp. Let's get the bottom first and the top. Go to distort and bring the expansion right up. Okay. And then let's try and add one in the middle. Okay. So first of all, let's lower the bottom one, and this top one, and then the middle one. Let's try and get this to match. It's really difficult this section. Bring this point in, and this point around. So we're sorta getting there. Bring this lower down, it's a bit smaller, and this one here. We bring that down there. Another point there. So starting to sort of get it there. Looking pretty good. Okay. So, add as many points as you think you will need. It's the same as using the pen tool. It just takes a little bit of practice and you'll get it. So click tick and let's add this below our layers. First one's gonna move this slightly. So we can rasterize it now and let's bring this right below our tree trunk behind our bottle so put the other back on there. Okay, so we got this one here. So see the bottle here, join these up together, so with the soft brush this time. And I'll blend these together. Maybe there with a flair a bit so it's a bit more graduated,let's make sure that's looking right. Okay, bring that together. Get rid of this section here, and then make our own curve there. Oops. So it's not looking too good there. I need to maybe bring that back in. If you know it's right with that section. So we need to add in a bit more on this bit here. Cuz we see a bit of the background showing through. Go back to that layer. We just bring it in a bit and then bring it out wide using Ctrl+T. Okay, that's looking pretty good. So let's just finish that off in our next lesson. I'm gonna be adding in the other part on the right and on the left and I'm starting to add in more detail to our image. Okay, so join me then in the next lesson to continue this course.

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