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1.2 Source Images

Hello and welcome back to the Advanced Retouching Techniques course. I'm Nils Morehead. I'm your narrator you're listening to. On this lesson, I will explain where to find images for the course and the restrictions you need to know before using the images. In the course files, you will find each image links so go ahead and download them ready for next part. There's one of the images, however, you need to purchase, which is a bottle. Now it's on the contact sheet here. It's the bottle down here. It's this bottle from photodune.com, a really great resource for finding high quality royalty free images at really low cost. If you don't want to spend the money then, of course, find a free version online or even take a photo yourself if you have the skills, the camera gear and the bottle, or just find a different bottle. It's up to you. So the rest of the images we're gonna be using are from CD Textures and DeviantArt. So the DeviantArt images such as the hills, the sky, some of the mossy logs here. I've asked permission to use them for the course. You can go ahead and download them. Free to use. If you want to print or sell your artwork at the end, then please ask permission from the original photographers. All the links again are in the description. So the good thing about the CD Textures images is just the leaves and the branches, they're all precut for you. So that means is when you download them and open them up, there's no white background, there's nothing there. They're already cut off for you, ready to start a project. So this is gonna save us a lot of time. So, some of them aren't cut, such as the dead branches tree here, but this is from a DeviantArt profile. So I'm showing you, still showing you some techniques of cut outs such as channels. I'll show you some quick selection techniques in pencil. But the majority are cut out, making this tutorial and this course flow a a lot more easier cuz you don't have to cut out everything for hours and hours. So, another resource I have provided you with is a personal label for the bottle. So it's here. So you can customize this however you want. So I made that just, that's why I put Toms here but for me it'd be Flew so change it here, so download it and then you can change it yourself. So whatever what your name is or whatever you want to call your certain brew. So I will provide you with the names of the fonts. You can go ahead and go download them. So and what we're gonna do with this is we're gonna be making a spot object, attaching it to the bottle and any changes after that automatically update the bottle, so I'll show you that later on in the project. Remember you'll have to download each of these images separately, so go to each link and download the images and get ready for the next part. Thank you, and join me in part three where we will start with the main project.

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