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3.1 Layer Organisation and Vines

Hello and welcome back to the Advanced Retouching Techniques course. I'm Les Moorehead and we are now on lesson 11. So in this lesson we'll be adding more leaves to our bottle as well as adding more leaves to our surrounding trunks. But the first thing we're gonna do is we're gonna sort out our layers paddle because it's a bit untidy at the moment and we're gonna lose ourselves. So first I want to close the adjustments for now. So just close these and the libraries as well. And I'm gonna close the navigator and the histogram as well. Just like now a bit more space to work with. Okay so let's just sort this out a minute. So you've got a lot of things going on here. So let's sort it out from the bottom. So what is the background and what is not? So I see all these parts of the fence. So we need to put this into our fence. So we'll group these together and I'm gonna hold the bottom one and top one here. Hold Ctrl+G, and now it's a group. Let's call this Fence Back so you could do this all yourselves. You know how to group things, hopefully by now. So we can call this background. So all these together. Or Mountains, let's call it Mountains. It's part of the sky as well, I suppose, because it's got the purple and pink in there, but we'll just call it that for now is fine. So the trees behind. So this would be called, probably the back there, so it's the back of the trunk. So let's color all of these together. Color these Trunks. Okay, so let's get all those there, at least the back ones anyway. Now these are gonna be in their separate ones, the top ones. And the trees behind they're already in a group, so you can leave it like that for now. So the trees in front they're already in a group as well, that's fine. So it's just these here. So we got the parrot and we got the vines or the trunks. So we'll group all these and these as well and that one there and that one there as well, so all these together. Call these Trunks Above cuz they're above the bottle. Okay, good, so now we're organized, we can continue, okay. So I'm gonna reset doc three because we've got this preset workspace and you reset it and it brings back our navigator and put it under adjustments as well. That's where we started. So before I start to add in more leaves to the bottle and to the trunk, I'm gonna fix this middle section, because I still think it's a little bit off. You'll get this. You'll look at it another day, or another lesson, and you'll think, yeah, that's not right. So, that's all about what editing is all about, about designing, so it's about taking a different perspective on it. So the trunk's above, I'm gonna change this a bit. It's a bit thick, I believe. So, just trying to find which one we're gonna be changing. Just not that one there. Or is that one there, we can lower it down this part here, lets do that. Edit > Transform then warp and try and warp in that area. So hopefully make this a little less thick. It's a bit too thick for my liking. Just dragging these in, these points. Best we can. Okay, so we're gonna have problems with the top there and it's joining here but we can fix that. It's just a lot to fit them in. So something like that looks quite good. Zoom out. It's a lot better. It's a lot more smooth and the transition is a lot better, cuz it was just too thick right in the middle, too straight away. It just wasn't transitioning enough. Yeah, that's a lot better. Just make sure to work it in the right angle. Here so go with a black brush, soft brush. I'm gonna what we've done before. Just rub out certain sections, join these together. Try and merge them a little bit more and that's a bit better, perfect. Came over here see this little line here we need to get rid of. So it's this top button here. Try and fade this one in together. So again, just go over that line, and it'll be perfect. Okay, that's great. Little bit wide, bring that back a little bit. Now it's actually perfect. That's fine. Okay, so let's start adding in our leaves. So I'm gonna bring in this one here, which you should have downloaded in the files. It's already precut for you, so it's fantastic. So what we'll do with this one is put in on the trunks. So let's put it above our trunks' layers. We'll put it inside them later on, for now we'll put it above. Hit Ctrl+T and I'm gonna resize this, okay. So I'm gonna add multiple to this. So we're basically gonna be adding these to the top. So make a bit more dynamic instead of being just so flat. Okay, so I've gonna change the colors. So go to Image > Adjustments > Color Balance. I'm gonna make this a bit more green. So add in some green. Add some yellow. The highlight since I've added some yellow and some green. You get the idea. And the mid tones and the shadows, add a bit more green. Okay, that's looking good. Okay, so now we're going to hit Ctrl+L. Bring up the Levels adjustment. And then just play around with this a bit. Bring out the mid tones and shadows, and bring out the highlights. It's looking a lot better already, but it's looking a bit fat like one color. So we're going to use just white on the right layer. We might be wrong here so you might want to use like a levels adjustment and then attach it. But I'm gonna do it right to the layer. So I'm confident I can get this right. So I'm gonna go to my burn tool, and what I'm gonna do is at the base of each leaf, so low down the exposure quite a lot. I'm just gonna hit a few times, just a small gradual gradient in out to the center or to the end of the leaf, cuz it's just looking a bit flat to me. So, I'm just clicking where the leaf meets the stem of the plant. And that's looking a lot better, a lot more dynamic, and we can add even shadows, as well, on that leaf, that would be a shadow. Not too much, though. I'm hitting Ctrl+R, and Zed, to go backwards. If you need to, okay. Under here there will be a shadow, slight shadow. Yeah, it's looking a little better. So zoom out. So we see a lot more shadow depth in here. So you do the exactly the same with the dodge tool. So dodge and get to the end of the leaf like this. And just click once. I'm gonna lower our exposure around 40%. Just hit it once, on the edges, just flicking it out like that. And that's got a lot better look there. Perfect, that's a lot better than what we started with. Okay, so now I'm just gonna attach it to each of the trunks. So, we could use multiple ones of these, so I'm gonna Ctrl+C. You might wanna save a copy of this first, and then hit Ctrl+J first, and then hide this. I'm gonna rename this one Leaf. And call this one Leaf Copy. So we've got a copy of it. Okay, so this one touches here. It's not going to be too big. It's a bit too big, let me then. So, somewhere about here is fine. And then, just repeat that process all along the tree or the trunk. So, I'm just going to duplicate this layer here, Ctrl+J, and just tap it down below here and just try and join it up. Move this one a bit up, just a bit better where the leaves are. Zoom in and I'm just gonna rub out what section we don't want. So you can mask it if you want to. I'm confident that they won't need this so delete that area. Hit Delete, and join these together. So at the moment it's pretty bad, the connection. And the actual stem looks really fake at the moment later on, it's fine. Kay, lets do that and basically what we're gonna do is repeat that process all the way along the trunk, okay? So, Ctrl+J on this bottom one, on that top one. Bring that one up, okay the same again with the warp we did on the trunks. We're gonna do the exact same to the leaves, one there, one there, good. Distort they go on there as well and let's bring it right round the trunk. So let's bring that down. Right. Something like that. It's joining up. As you can see it's gonna go around the bottle which is gonna be good. Little bit too big. One up there would be better. So we need to add another one here just to join this one up. So you get a leaf. So on these in the middle section here didn't need all that. If you do it too much it's gonna look like a peak which it is but we want the illusion that it's different leaves. Get rid of this bottom section again, Delete. Let's try and join this up the best we can. Okay, zoom out. Okay, that's looking pretty good. So basically, do exactly the same thing to this left side here. I'm gonna basically come back to you in one second with it done so you can do it yourselves. You can pause the video here. Okay, so here it is done. So all I did literally was duplicate the ones on the right and put it on the left. That's all I did. All I did was Edit > Transform, and then Flip Horizontal and then move them a little tiny bit. You should be able to that yourself, hopefully. Okay, let's now continue with the rest. So what we're gonna do is add on to this swirling trunk here. Go around to the bottle. So let's get our copy which we had before, and let's try and put this right on the bottle. So it's, go Ctrl+T, and we're gonna resize this. So you want one part on here. Okay, so I'm gonna reduce the size quite a lot. Something like this. I'm actually gonna delete this bottom section, cuz it's quite a big section which is quite obvious which is copied. Delete all that, then that means we can duplicate this section and join it up, and it's not so obviously a repeat, as you can see. Looking now, on this section here, which we just duplicated, let's delete the bottom leaf here. That makes it even better. Okay? Brilliant. So merge these together and you've got this one here. We want parts of the leaves going on the bottle so they have an effect on the final image, otherwise if it was just in the middle, you wouldn't be able to see where the leaves actually are. Once it's all shaded and all the highlights in the shadows. Okay so the one there. Another one, duplicate, Ctrl+J. I'm gonna add in one here. So, we need to get out the puppet warp tools now. So, Edit > Puppet Warp. Same again. So the top and the bottom and one in the middle, and then let's just warp it around like so. Okay, somewhere here, so the leaf's coming out a bit. So, we might wanna add another one just here, just we can make it a bit better bend. Such an easy tool to use to pop it more. It's great. So then that's fine. Click the tic nd that's looking really good. Okay, that's also. Okay, so just try and join these up together as we need a bit more space here. Too much space between these two. So somewhere here. We can always change the angle at the top of the leaf. So, on this one we get the, try the warp to get this top section coming up. I'd say that's perfect. So I join them together. Okay. So the top, we now need to wrap around to the top here, up here. Okay, so Ctrl+J. It's the exact same thing we did to this side one. Edit > Puppet Warp to the bottom and the top. And then let's wrap it around. Just gonna add one in the middle stem again. One here, here and then let's move it right around. Like so. Okay, gonna have to leave that part in there, and that's brilliant. That's looking really good. Okay, so then mask that part out, the bit on the bottle. Get the mask, get the black brush. Solid, hard brush. And then let's get rid of that. Okay, we're looking really good, brilliant. Okay great, so now we've got all of our leaves, our windy leaves around our trunks. So now just group them all together. So I've done that already, but you can. I'll show you. So I'm gonna ungroup those. So once you've got all your leaves, these are all the ones on the left. Just hold shift, click on them all and hit Ctrl+G and let's group them all it's exactly the same for each the middle and the right hand side. I've grouped these all into this in group as well, so when you've done that. Put them all together. Hit Ctrl+G and then call this windy leaves. I'll also put the parrot above the leaves because there's no reason for it to be underneath obviously. It'll be an effect on there. I mean, you could leave it like that if you like if you want the leaves to be above. It might look quite nice. Maybe I should leave it like that. Yeah, let's leave it like that. Look a bit different. Cool. Okay, so now we've got one more problem. That is the leaves. Hold on, they're not the leaves. The actual moss on our trunks is not matching our leaves, and also our trees underneath. So we've got a little bit of yellow, but not as much yellow as they currently have. Okay, so let's find where our trunks are. So it's trunks above, obviously, here. Gonna make a new hue and saturation layer. Hold Alt on your keyboard, between the two layers, I'm going to click and mask them. So now because it's yellow, we need to go to our yellows, so open that up. Go to yellow, and what we're gonna do is change this to green. So, as you can see, it's changing quite a lot. So, you want to make this a bit better, so it's not, in fact, in the browns. Let's, do just a few more ticks on the eye dropper. Few more color pics, so there we go. We got a bit more in there. We'll be dragging these side ones, so we won't get the red, and the orange, which is basically the trunk color this here. And this changes this to our green. Saturation up, as well maybe a little bit. Maybe the lightness. I like the lightness how it is, lightness down a little bit. Saturation a bit more. So if you don't like what it's doing, but you want more green in it such as, like this, that's a good color green. I don't want to effect the bark, just go on the mask. Get a black brush. And then just go over the bark. It's a bit annoying I suppose, having to do that but there's not much bark showing so you should be fine. Doesn't take too long like that, with that one there. It's looking good. Okay, so that's the end of this lesson. So, in the next lesson we're going to be adding in more leaves especially around our bottle on the background, behind our bottle, also on the front of our bottle and also trying to add in some vines as well. Which will look really good. Okay, so join me in the next lesson to continue this course.

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